Networking and Telecommunication: Class 10 Computer Exercise

Networking and Telecommunication : Class 10 Computer Exercise

  Chapter - 1  
Networking and Telecommunication


1. Answer the following questions.

a. What is data Communication ?

Ans: The transmission of data from one device to another. Using networking tools and models is called data Communication.

b. What is telecommunication ?

Ans: Telecommunication is the exchange of information over a significant distance by electronic means like telephone, radio, television etc.

c. List the different transmission modes and explain them.

Ans: The different transmission modes are as follows:

Simplex Mode
It is the simplest mode of data communication where transmission of data that takes place towards one only direction . Example: Radio, television etc. 

Half - Duplex mode
It is a type of data communication in which information are shared in the both direction but in one direction at a time. Example: walkie talkie

Full Duplex Mode
It is a type of data communication mode in which transmission of data can take place in both direction at the same time. Example: mobile phone, Computer etc.

d. What is computer network ? List any 3 advantages. 

Ans: Computer network is the group of inter connected computers inorder to communicate and share resources like hardware, software, data etc. 
Any three advantages of computer network are as follows :

  • It reduces the expences of offices, companies etc. 
  • It helps to share hard ware like printer, scanner etc.
  • Files can be transferred from one computer to another without using external storage device.

e. Computer Network reduces expenses of office. Justify

Ans: Yes, computer network reduces expenses of offices because it helps to in sharing various hardware and software devices. Nowadays, instead of wires and cables there is a facilities of wireless. network which helps in reducing expences. of office. People don't have to buy printers and scanners for every computers. So, due to these reasons, We can say that computer network reduces the expense of office.

f. List some disadvantages of Computer Network.

Ans: Some disadvantages of Computer network are as follows:

  • Data and information can be stolen using Computer Network.
  • Computer viruses can be spread in the lack of good Security. 
  • Computer Network requires an expensive setup.
  • The sharing of data and information may leak the Privacy of other clients.

g. What is communication Media ? List the two main Communication media.

Ans: Communication media is the path through which data and information can be transferred from one Computer to another computer.
The two main Communication medias are as follows:

  • Guided Transmission Media
  • Unguided Transmission Media 

h. What is guided transmission media? List any 3 guided transmission media.

Ans: Guided transmission media is one of the commusicet. ion media which uses cable or wires to transter data.
Any 3 guided transmission media are as follows: 

  • Coaxial Cable
  • Twisted Paix Cable
  • Fibre Optic Cable

i. What is unguided transmission media? List it's types.

Ans: Unguided transmission media is a type of commencation media which do not use wires or cables for transferring data from one computer to another.
It's types are as follows:

  • Radio wave 
  • Infrared wave
  • Micro Wave

j. Mention the differences between server and Workstation

Ans: The differences between seaver and Workstation are as follows:

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Server  workstation
Server Computer is the Powerful computer that provides resources to other computer on network.  Workstation is the Computer on network that uses the resources provided by Server Computer. 
 It uses networking Operatir ing Software like Novel Netware Server. It uses single operating system such as window XP, window 7 etc. 

k. Differentiate between HUB and switch.

Ans: The differences between HUB and switch are as follows:

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HUB does not provide securi ity or identifaction of Connected devices. Switch provides security or identification of Connected wave. 
 It is cheaper It is expensive.
 It transmite data pack packets to all the devices on network. It doesn't transmits data packets to all devices on network 

l. What is the role of Moder Modem in data transmission ?

Ans: The role of Modem in data transmission is that it helps to transfer data from one computer to another Computer through telephone line.

m. Explain the different types of network. Explain them Shortly.

Ans: The different types of network are as follows:

Local Area Network is a Computer Network that interconnects Computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory etc. The function of LAN is to link computer together and provide shared access to files, folders and other services.

A metropolitan area network is a that interconnects computer with users computer resources in a geographical region of the size of a metropolitan area. MANS are larger than LANS but smaller than WAN.

WAN Wide Area Network is a telecommunication network that extends over a large geographic area for the purpose of Computer network. WAN can facilitate communication, the sharing of information and much more between devices from around the world.

n. Mention the differences between client-server network model and Peer to Peer network model.

Ans: The differences between client server network model and peer to peer network model are as follows :

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Client Server Network

Peer to Peer Network 
It is a network model where there is at least one Server and one or more workstation It is a network model where there are two or more clients but no Server
It is also called domain model It is also called work group model
 It has high security level mode It has low security level mode 

o. What is network topology? List its types.

Ans: The physical layout or arrangement of cabling for connecting computers and other network devices on the internet is called network topology. It's types are as follows follows :
  • Bus topology
  • Ring topology
  • Star topology

p. What is bus topology ? List its disadvantages.

Ans: The topology in which all nodes are connected to a common cable i.e trunk or cable in the linear format is called bus topology. Its disadvantages are as follows :
  • It is difficult to find fault on the topology
  • Terminators are required at both ends of main cable

q. What is star topology? List its advantages.

Ans: The star topology is the most popular network topology used to connect computers where every host computer I connected to a central hub. 
Its advantages are as follows:

  • It is one of the most reliable network topology
  • It is suitable for a large network

r. What is communication protocol ? List any 4 Protocols.

Ans: The set of rules required for the computer to Communicate with each other on the network is called Communication protocols. Any 4 Protocols are as follows:

  • TCP/IP 
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • POP

2. Write the full forms of the following:

a. UTP = Unshield Twisted Pair cable 
b. STR = Shielded Twisted Pair 
c. NIC = Network Interface Card.
d. LAN = Local Area Network
e. MODEM = Modulator Demodulator
f. MAN = Metropolitan Area Network
g. WAN = Wide Area Network
h. WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network
i. TCP/IP = Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
j. SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocal
k. POP = Post Office Protocal

3. Write the technical terms for the following.

a. A group of interconnected computers. 

  • Computer Network

b. A path through data and is transmitted from one computer to another.

  • Communication Media

c. The amount of data transmitted second through per a table communication channel.

  •  Bandwidth

d. A network of computers bormed by using cables. 

  • Wired network

e. A network of Computers formed by using unguided media. 

  • Wireless network

f. A transmission me diam through which data are transni tted in the form of light.

  •  Fiber Optic 

g. A Computer on the network that provides resources to other computers on the network. 

  • Server Computer

h. A Computer on the network that uses resources of the network 

  • Workstation 

i. An operating system that is used in a server computer.

  • Network Operating System 

j. A card through which a computer is connected on the network.

  • NIC

k. A network device that retransmits signals to all the nodes on the network.

  •  Repeaters

l. A network device that transmits signals to a destination mode on the network.

  •  Switch

m. A network device that connects the segments of the same or different network having same protocol. 

  • Bridge

n. A network device that can determine the best path for forwarding the data packets. 

  • Router

o. A network device that joins network having different Protocols.

  •  Gateway 

p. A device that converts digital signals into analog Signals and vice versa. 


q. The conversion of digital signals into analog signals.

  •  Modulation

r. The conversion of analog signal into digital signal. 

  • Demodulation

s. A network of Computers in a room, building or Campus. 

  • LAN

t. The network model where there is at least one Server.

  • Client Server Model

u. The network model where each node has equal right.

  • Peer to peer model

v. The network model where all the clients have to depend on the Server for application access.

  • Centralized Network Model 

w. The cabling pattern of computers where each Compe for is connected to a common cable in the linear format.

  • Bus Topology

x. The cabling pattern of Computers where all the nodes are connected in a closed loop. 

  • Ring Topology 

y. The cabling pattern of computers where each node is individually Connected to the a centrally located device. 

  • Star topology

z. A set of rules by which computers Communicate with each other on the network.

  • Protocol

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