Internet and Its Services: Class 10 Computer Exercise

Internet and its Services : Class 10 Computer Exercise

  Chapter -2  
Internet and Its services


1 . Answer the following questions.

a. What is internet ?

Ans: Internet is the largest computer Network that connects millions computers around the world.

b. What is ISP ? List any three ISPs of Nepal.

Ans: An ISP is a company that provides internet accessing facilities to clients .
Any three ISPs of Nepal are as follows :
i. Nepal Telecom 
ii. World Link
iii Mercantile office system 

c. List any five services of the Internet .

Ans: The five services of the Internet are as follows :
i. www.
ii G - mail 
iii. E - commerce
iv. Video Conference
 v. Internet Relay Chat

d. What is www ? List any two popular web sites of Nepal.

Ans: Www is one of the popular services of Internet which provides information on various topics through the webpages of Websites .
The two popular websites of Nepal are as follows: 
i. www. nepalnews.Com. np
ii.  www.nepalisong.into 

e. What is search engine ? List any three search engines.

Ans: Search engines are the web sites that search on the basis of keyword and display the list of websites where the information can be found . 
The three search engines are as follows :

f. What is email ? List any four advantages of the email.

Ans: E- mail is the electronic message that is transferred from one computer to another through Internet.
The four advantages of E-mail are as follows:
• It is available 24 hours .
• It is fastest and cheapest mail service.
•We can send any form of data like audio , video etc.
• Physical presence of recipient is not required.

g. What is Telnet ?

Ans: Telnet is the facility of the Internet through which a remote host computer can be accessed from another location .

h. What is e-fax ?

Ans: E- fax is the service of the Internet through which a user can send and receive faxes ( documents or graphics / directly from a computer to another computer. 

2. Write the full form of the following.

a. ADSL : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
b. ISDN : Integrated Service Digital Network 
c. ARPA : Advanced Research Project Agency
d. DARPA : Defense Advanced Research Project Agencey
e. Www : World Wide Web
f . URL : Uniform Resource Locator 
g. ISP : Internet Service Provider
h. IRC : Internet Relay chat
i. FAX : Electronic facsimile
j. PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network
k. ONU : Optical Network Unit
l. VOIP : Voice Over Internet Protocol 
m. Telnet : Terminal Emulation
n. DOD : Department of Defense
o. POP : Post office protocol

3. Write the Technical term for the following.

a. A network of computers.

  •  Internet

b. A company that Provides the Internet facility.

  • Internet Service Provider

c. The service of the Internet that provides variety of information on different topics.

  •  Www 

d. Service of the internet that allows a user to access the remote Computer.

  • Telnet

e. A service of the Internet that allows a user to send or receive message.

  • E - mail

f. Online instant messaging service of the internet.

  • Chat

g. Buying or selling goods on the internet.

  •  E - Commerce

h. free calling service of the Internet.

  • Internet telephony
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