Ethical and Social Issue in ICT: Class 10 Computer Exercise

Ethical and Social Issue in ICT : Class 10 Computer  Exercise

   Chapter - 3   
Ethical and Social Issue in ICT 


1. Answer the following questions.

a. What is ICT ?

Ans: Information and Communication Technology is a technology that is concerned with storage retrieval manipulation transmission of information electronically in a digital form

b. What is social media? List any four social medias.

Ans: Social media in the website and applications that enables people to interact with each other by sharing content quickly and efficiently on the internet the first social media as follows:

  • YouTube
  •  Instagram
  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter

c. List any four advantage of ETA ?

Ans: The advantage of ETA are as follow:
  • It has to control stop the various type of electronic frauds.
  • It has to punish the cyber criminals.
  • It legalised the transaction through electronic media.
  • It has a provision of network service.

d. List the 4 advantage of ETA.

Ans: The advantage of ETA are as follows:
  • Provision of network service.
  • Provision of body to create,control and Verify the digital signature.
  • Provision of punishment on cyber crime.
  • Provision of formation of judicial body.

e. List any four ways that help you to stay safe and social media?

Ans: The four ways that can help us to stay safe on social media as follows:
  • We should use strong password and change the password monthly.
  • We shouldn't share our passwords.
  • We should use polite words when we communicate through social media.
  • We should not set up automatic login on our phone,tablet or laptop.

f. What is digital Signature?

Ans: Digital Signature is the security mechanism used on the internet for digital data processing and their transaction through electronic medias.

g. Define Digital foot print . Write it's usage.

Ans: Digital footprint is the data traces of all the online activities that a person performs while using the Internet. The uses of footprint are as follows:
  • It is used to track the user's online activities.
  • It helps to show the interest and character of users
  • It is used by law enforcement offices as a basis of character assessment.

h. List any four ICT objectives.

Ans: The Four ICT objectives are as follows:
  • To promote good governance through the use of ICT.
  • To develop human resource in the field of ICT.
  • To make information technology affordable and accessible to all the people.
  • Today develop and expand Information and Communication Technology infrastructure.

i. What is cyber crime ? List any four cyber crimes.

Ans: Cyber crimes are the crimes committed with the help of Computers and internet.
The four cyber crimes are as follows:
  • Cyber bulling
  • Online fraud
  • Cyber stalking
  • Email bombing

j. What is intellectual property?

Ans: Intellectual Property means the property that deals with the creation of authors, artists, musicians and inventors.

k. Write any Provision in Electronic Transaction Act.

Ans: The four provisions in Electronic Transaction Act are as follows:
  • Provision of Network Service.
  • Provision of Punishment on cyber crime.
  • Provision of the duty and responsibilities subscribers.
  • Provision of legal acceptance of digital signature, electronic recording etc.

l. Write any four objectives of ETA.

Ans: The four objectives of ETA are as follows:
  • To punish the Cyber Criminals.
  • To make the transaction reliable and secure.
  • To legalize the transaction through electronic media.
  • To control and create verify the digital signature.

m. Why is cyber law necessary in Nepal?

Ans: Cyber law is necessary in Nepal because it helps to deal with cyber crimes such hacking, online fraud etc. It controls the misuse of Computer and Internet. It also help to punish the cyber criminals so, it is important.

2. Write the Technical terms of the following:

a. website that enables people to interact with each other by sharing contents.

  • Social Media

b. Stealing personal information in social media.

  • Phishing

c. Responsibilities and duties of a digital citizen in a digital community

  • Digital citizenship

 d. Data traces of all online activities that are user perform while using the internet

  • Digital footprint 

e. Crime committed with the help of computer 

  • Cyber crime 

f. Stealing or destroying data, information and files

  • Cyber Crime 

g. The repeated act of harassment or threatening the victim by using internet service like email.

  • Cyber stalking 

h. A law that legalize the transaction through electronic media.

  • Electronic and digital signature law

3. Write the full form of the following:

a. ICT = Information and Communication Technology
b. ETA = Electronic Transaction Act
c. ATM = Automated Teller Machine.

4. Choose the correct option:

a. Which one is the social media?
i. Facebook ✔
ii. Google
iii. Online news
iv. Wikipedia

b. What can you do in the Internet?
i. Make a friend
ii. Communicate with each other
iii. gain latest news and information 
iv. All of the above ✔

c. What should be done if a facebook friend calls you to see him alone?
i. Meet alone
ii. meet him with a friend
iii. tell friend and meet him
iv. don't meet him ✔

d. Which is not the cybercrime?
i. Authentication ✔
ii. Hacking 
iii. Pornography
iv. Cyber-Stalking 

e. Cyber law deals with ......
i. electronic transaction
ii. Cyber crime
iii. Software Piracy 
iv. All of the above ✔

f. The cyber law of Nepal has...... provisions
ii. Network Service 
iii. Formation of Judicial body
iv. All of the above ✔
i. digital signature

g. The cyber law of Nepal is also known as ..........
i. Digital Signature Law 
ii. Electronic Transaction Law ✔
iii. Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Law
iv. Computer law

h. If a person pirates, destroys or alters computer source code to be used for any computer, he/she is liable imprisonment for not exceeding......
i. 5 years
ii. 1 year
iii. 3 years ✔
iv. 4 years

i. If a person publishes or displays any prohibited material in the electronic media including computer and internet, he/she will be imprisonment not exceeding ......
i. 1 year
ii. 2 years
iii. 3 years
iv. 4 years ✔

5. Match the following:

Group 'A'                                       Group 'B'

a. Decryption iii. Converting encrypted data back into its original form,so that can be understood 

b. Digital Signature → i. Security mechanism relies on two keys - Public key and Private key.

c. Hacking → v. Stealing of data, information and controlling the computer system.

d. Digital Citizenship ii. Responsibilities and duties of a digital citizen in a digital community.

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