Contemporary Technology: Class 10 Computer Exercise - New Syllabus

Contemporary Technology : Class 10 Computer Exercise - New Syllabus

     Chapter -  6  
Contemporary Technology 


1. Answer the following questions:

a. What is cloud computing? Name any two cloud service providers.

Ans: Cloud Computing is the network of large group of servers that provide storage and application services to organisations, institutions, offices and people.

b. List any two differences between public and private cloud computing

Ans: The two differences between public and private cloud computing are as follows:
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Public Cloud  Private Cloud 
 It is the Cloud computing available to public via Internet.   It is the Cloud Computing which is owned by a single Organisation.
 The Cloud service providers are responsible for developing and managing resources.  The owners of the organisation is responsible for managing and maintaining resources.

c. What are the different types of cloud computing on the basis of services. Explain them shortly.

Ans: The different types of cloud computing on the basis of service are as follows:
  1. Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS )
  2. Software as a service ( SaaS )
  3. Platform as a service ( PaaS )

Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS ) provides companies with computing resources including servers, storage, networking etc. on a pay per use basis.

Platform as a Service ( PaaS ) provides clients with everything required to develop and publish cloud applications in a hosted environment through the Web.

Software as a Service ( SaaS ) provides software applications over the Internet. User can access SaaS applications from any location using computer or mobile.

d. Write any four usages of cioud computing.

Ans: The four uses of cloud computing are as follows:
  • To store, backup and recover data.
  • To host Website and Blogs
  • To Stream Audio and Video 
  • To deliver on demand software services

e. List any two advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

Ans: The two advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing are as follows;
  1. We can access files from any location where there is Internet connection.
  2. It helps companies to reduce expenses on hardware.
  1. There may be data security problems.
  2. There must be Internet Connection inorder to use cloud computing.

f. What is Artificial intelligence? List any two applications of Al.

Ans: Artificial intelligence is the ability that understand natural language and capable of thinking and learning itself.
The two application of AI are as follows:
  • AI in Helathcare
  • AI in game

g. List any four advantages of Al.

Ans: The four advantages of Al are as follows:
  1. It reduces human efforts 
  2. It is able to complete dangerous tasks
  3. It has low error rate
  4. It can think logically without any emotions

h. What is virtual reality? List any two areas where it is used.

Ans: Virtual Reality is an artificial environment created with the help of computer hardware and software and presented in such a way that it looks real.
The two areas where VR are used are as follows:

  1. VR in Education 
  2. VR in Business 

i. What is e-governance? What are the advantages of it.

Ans: E-Governance is the application of electronic means to improve the interaction between government and citizens.
The advantage of E- Governance are as follows:
  • It deals with all the regulations and policies to control the services provided by e-government
  • It has to increase relation between Government and people

j.What is mobille computing? List any two advantages of it.

Ans: Mobile computing in the technology that allows transmission of data, voice and video through a computer or any other wireless enable devices.
The two advantage of mobile computing are as follows.

  1. It speed of business transaction
  2. It provides entertainment to user

k. What is internet of Things?

Ans: Internet of things in the system that connects computing devices and object that at the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human or human to computer ininteraction.

2. Write the full forms of the following:

a. laas = Infrastructure as a Service 
b. PaaS = Platform as a Service 
C. SaaS = Software as a Service 
d. Al = Artificial Intelligence 
e. VRML = virtual reality modelling language
f. G2C = Government to Consumer 
g. G2B = Government to Business 
h. G2G = Government to Government 
i. G2E = Government to Employee 
j. loT = Internet of Things 

3. State whether the following statements are true or false:

a. Technology has enabled people to communicate and interact in more effective
and convenient ways. ( True )

b. Gmail users can access files and applications hosted by Google using any device that can access the Internet. ( True )

c. A Public Cloud is the cloud computing that is owned by a single organization. ( False )

d. Infrastructure as a service of cloud computing provides software applications
Over the Internet. ( False )

e. The artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability that understand natural language but can think and learn. ( True )

f. Echo, Siri, Cortana, etc. are some popular virtual personal assistants that use Al. ( True )

g. Virtual Reality is the real environment that presents everything fake. ( False )

4. Choose the correct option.

a. The E-Governance that refers to the basis government services that are
accessed by public is.....

i. G2C ✔
ii. G28
ii. G2G
iv. G2E

b. An artificial environment created with the computer and software is known as........
i. Visual Reality

ii. Virtual Reality ✔
iii. Video Reality
iv. None of above

The friendly female voice-activated personal assistant that is used in IPhone
and iPad is....
i. Alexa
ii. Siri ✔
iv. Telsa

d. Machine having Al will be able to....
i. Think
ii. Decide 
iii. learn
iv.  All of the above ✔ 

e....... is the cloud service provider that provides storage for data/files are which can be accessed from any device through the Internet.
i. Google
ii. Dropbox ✔
iii. Spotify
iv. Backblaze

5. Write the technical terms:

a. The network of large groups of servers that provides storage and applications
services to organizations, institutions, offices and people. 
  • Cloud services Providers 
b. The ability that understand natural language and capable of thinking and
learning itself.
  •  AI
c. the online non-commercial interaction between the government employes
and government agencies. 
  • G2G
d. A system that transters data Over a network without human-to-huma
  •  IoT
e. The technology that allows transmission ot data, voice and video via any wireless enabled device.
  • Mobile Computing 
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