Microsoft Access: Class 10 Computer Exercise

Microsoft Access | Class 10 Computer Exercise

   Chapter -  8  
Microsoft Access


1. Answer the following questions:

a. What do you mean by Data and Information?

Ans: Data are raw fact or figure related to a person or something.

Information is the processed data Or organized collection of related data which has significant meaning.

b. What is a database? List any four databases. 

Ans: The collection of data related to somebody or something in any subject or purpose is known as database. The four databases are as follows:

  1. Census
  2. Attendance register
  3. Dictionary
  4. Encyclopedia

c. What is DBMS? List any four DBMS.

Ans: DBMS is software that stores, modifies, updates, organizes database and retrieves information from database. The four DBMS are as follows :

  • MS- Access
  • Oracle
  • DBase
  • Clipper

d. Mention the differences between database and DBMS.

Ans: The differences between database and DBMS are as follows : 
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Database DBMS
 It is the collection of data related to something or somebody in any subject.  It is the software that stores, modifies and retrieves information from database. 
 Example: Census, dictionary etc. Example: Dbase, oracle etc.

e. List any four advantages of DBMS.

Ans: The four advantages of DBMS are as follows:

  • Mass volume of data can be updated easily.
  • Record can be stored easily on the basis of key field.
  • It provides data security facility.
  • It provides the data sharing facility.

f. What is RDBMS? List any two RDBMS.

Ans: RDMS is the DBMS that stores database in the multiple tables and allows to retrieve records from linked tables. The two RDMS are as follows:

  • Ms - Access 
  • Oracle

g. What is MS-Access? List the four common objects of MS-Access. 

Ans: Ms-Access is the Relational Database Management System (RDMS) that allows a user to store data in multiple tables. The four Common objects of Ms-Access are as follows:

  • Table
  • Form
  • Query
  • Report

h. What is a database file? What is its extension?

Ans: Ms-Access manages database using different type of objects or components and these objects of Ms-Access are stored in a single file called database file. It's extension is .accdb

i. What is a table? Why do you need to create multiple tables in MS-Access.

Ans: A table is a container or structure that stores data in the form of rows and columns.
We need to create a multiple tables in ms-Access inorder to set relationships between them.

 j. Define field and record.

Ans: A Column of a table which stores a particul type of data is known as field.

A record is a row of a table that gives information about a person or things.

k. Mention any two differences between field and record. 

Ans: The differences between files and record are as follows:

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Field  Record
 A column of a table which stores a particular type of data is known as field.  A record is a row of  table that gives information about person or things.
 It is also known as attribute. It is also known as tuples.

l. What is Field Name? Write the rules for naming fields

Ans: A name that identifies a field in a database record is known as field Name.
The rules for namkng fields are as follows: 

  • Field name can be upto 64 characters long
  • A field name can have letters, numbers, spaces or punctuation marks
  • The Field name cannot have a period period (.), square bracket and exclamation mark
  • Field name can't begin with space i.e it should begin with a valid character
  • Field name must be unique in a Table 

m. What is Field data type? List the field data types used in MS-Access.

Ans: A field data type is a characteristic of a field that determines the kind of data that can be stored in the field. The field data type used in MS- Access are as follows:
  • Text
  • Memo
  • Number 
  • Date & Time
  • Currency
  • Auto Number 
  • Yes / No
  • OLE Object
  • Hyperlink 
  • Look up wizard 

n. List the field data types along with their uses.

Ans: The different types of data type along with their uses are as follows:

  • Text  = To store alphanumeric data
  • Memo = To store large amounts of alphanumeric data
  • Number = To store numeric data
  • Date & Time = To store data & time
  • Currency = To store monetary data
  • Auto Number = To generate unique value for each new record
  • Yes / No = To store boolean (true/false) data
  • OLE Object = To store image, graphs etc
  • Hyperlink = To store A link address to a document
  • Look up wizard = To establish relationships between tables

o. List the sub data types of number field data along with memory spaces occupied by them.

Ans: The sub-data types of number field data along with memory spaces occupied by them are as follows :

  • Byte = 2 bytes
  • Integer = 2 bytes 
  • Long integer = 4 bytes
  • Single = 4 bytes
  • Double = 8 bytes 

p. What is a primary key? Mention any two uses of primary key.

Ans: A primary key is a field or set of fields with values that are unique throughout a table.
The two uses of primary key are as follows:

  • To uniquely identify records
  • To create relationships between tables in a relational data base.

q. What is Field Properties? 

Ans: A field property that controls what can be put into a field and how it can be placed there is known as field properties.

r. What is caption field property? What is the maximum characters a caption can have?

Ans: The caption field property is a property that allows us to set a descriptive text for your field.
The maximum number of character that can be used in a caption is 2048 characters long.

s. What is field size property? What is the default size of number field data type? 

Ans: The field size property is the field property that allows us to set the maximum size for data stored in a field.
The default field size of a text field is 50 characters.

t. What is format field property?

Ans: Field Format property is a property that allows a user to specify the field format.

u. What do you mean by Input Mask property of a field?

Ans: Input Mask property is a property that allows a user to to specify exactly how data should be entered into the database.

v. What is data validation? Mention its importance in a database.

Ans: Data validation refers to the process of ensuring the accuracy and quality of data. 
It is important inorder to ensure that data is accurate and complete.

w. What is Indexed property of a field? What is the indexed value of a primary key?

Ans: Indexed property of a field is a property that speed up searching and sorting of data.
The indexed value of primary key is 

x. What is meant by sorting records?

Ans: The process of arranging the records in increasing or decreasing order is meant by sorting records

y. What is filtering records?

Ans: The process of viewing required records of the table that satisfies the specified criteria is meant by filtering records.

z. What is a Query ? List any four uses of Query.

Ans: Query an important object or data processing tool of MS-Access that retrieves and displays records based on specific conditions.
The four uses of Query are:
        - To view specific fields.
        - To analyze data of table.
        - To perform mathematical calculation on data.
        - To perform mass update, delete or append new records to a table.

aa. Why is Query called a dynaset of a table ?

Ans: Query is called a dynaset of a table because there is dynamic relationship between table and Query . It means when data in tables are changed then the data in Query will also get changed.

ab. What is form? List any two uses of form.

Ans: Form is an important object of MS-Access that helps to create an interface for entering data in a table or more linked table.
The two uses of form are as follows:

  • To enter data in data base
  • To view and edit data

ac. What is a Report ? Write the importance of report.

Ans: Report is an object of MS - Access that is used to design a ready-to-print document according to the user specifications.
The importance of report are as follows:
        - It helps to design the print view.
        - The desired layout cab be added

2. State whether the following statements are true or false

a. The information can be used as data for the further processing. ( True )
b. A database can be managed manually. ( True )
c. DBMS is application software. ( True )
d. Data redundancy is controlled by primary key in MS-Access. ( True )
e. A database file created in MS-Access has .DBM extension. ( False )
f. A row of a table is known as field in MS-Access. ( False )
g. A field name can be up to 40 characters long. ( True )
h. The Auto Number data type generates random number automatically whenever a new record is added to a table. ( False )
i. A query can be created with out tables. ( False )
j. A report can be used to modify data of a table. ( False )

3. Choose the correct option.

(a) Which is not the database?
i. Phone Diary
ii. Mark Ledger 
iii. Attendance Register
iv. Report Card ✔

(b) MS-Access
i. Utility 
ii. Application ✔
iii. System
iv. None of the above 

(c) Which is DBMS?
i. Database 
ii. Metabase
iii. DBase ✔
iv. MS - Excel 

(d) ........ uniquely identifies records of a table.
i. Foreign key 
ii. Primary Key ✔
iii. Field Name
iv. Composite Key 

(e) The object of MS-Access that stores data is known as.....
i. Query 
ii. Table  ✔
iii. Form 
iv. Report 

(f) Which of the following is not data type used in MS-Access?
i. Date / Time
ii. Counter 
iii. Hyperlink 
iv. Caption ✔

(g) The object of MS-Access that is used to prepare read- to -print document is ....
i. Query 
ii. Table 
iii. Form 
iv. Report ✔

(h) The Date/Time field data type occupies....
i. 4
ii. 2
iii. 8 ✔
iv. 16

(i) The extension of database file in MS-Access is ....
i. .DBF
ii. .DBM
iii. .ACCDB ✔
iv. .ACDB

(j) A field property that limits the data to be entered in a field is......
i. Validation Rule ✔
ii. Format 
iii. Input Mask
iv. Indexed 

(k) Which is the subtype of number data type?
i. Integer 
ii. Byte
iii. Single 
iv. All of the above ✔

(l) ........ allows MS-Access to query and sort record faster.
i. Sorting
ii. Editing 
iii. Filtering
iv. Indexing ✔

(m) The maximum number of character that can be stored in the field is determined by.....
i. Field Type 
ii. Field Size ✔
iii. Field length 
iv. Field Width 

(n) The logical field data type of MS-Access is ....
i. Yes / No
ii. True / False 
iii. On / Off
iv. All of the above ✔

(o) The field size of logical field data type is ... in MS-Access.
i. 1 bit
ii. 1 byte ✔
iii. 2 byte
iv.  2 bits

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