Geometry: Area of Triangles and Quadrilateral | Class 10 Mathematics Solutions

Geometry : Area of Triangles and Quadrilateral | Class 10 Mathematics Solutions

  Unit: 13  
Geometry: Area of Triangles and Quadrilateral

Before starting the discussion about Area of Triangles and Quadrilateral we have to review the following concept.


A triangle is a closed plane figure bounded by three line segments. The line segments are called the sides of the triangle. The points at which the two sides meet are called the vertices of the triangle. The horizontal side at which the triangle stands is called its base. 

The angle opposite to the base is called vertical angle. The perpendicular joining the vertex to the base is called the height or altitude of the triangle. The line segment joining the vertex to the mid-point of the base is called the median of the triangle.

 A triangle has three vertical angles, three medians, three attitudes and three bases. The area of a triangle is generally denoted by A(delta) and is given by;
Area (A) = 1/2 × height × base


A quadrilateral is a closed plane figure bounded by four line segments. The area of the quadrilateral is given by ;

Area (A) = 1/3 ( a diagonal × sum of perpendiculars drawn from the opposite vertices to this diagonal )


A quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel is called a parallelogram. The area of a parallelogram is given by;

Area (A) = Base × Height.
I.e. A = b×h


A rectangle is a parallelogram whose one angle is right angle i.e. 90 degrees The area of a rectangle is given by the product of two adjacent sides, i.e. length and breadth.

Area (A) = Length × Breadth 


A rhombus is a quadrilateral whose all sides are equal and none of the angles is 90 degrees The area of a rhombus is given by;  

Area (A) = height × one side

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