Mensuration: Cylinder and Sphere | Class 10 Mathematics Solutions

Mensuration : Cylinder and Sphere | Class 10 Mathematics Solutions

  Unit: 6  
Mensuration: Cylinder and Sphere

Before starting the discussion about Cylinder and Sphere we have to review the following concept.


A cylinder is a solid object with three dimensions which holds two parallel bases which is joined by a curved surface at a fixed distance. 

Curved Surface Area (CSA) of the cylinder
= area of the rectangle
= length x breadth
=  2πrh
= c × h, where c is circumference of base of the cylinder
∴ C.S.A. of the cylinder = 2πrh or c × h

Total surface area (TSA) of the cylinder
= CSA + 2 (area of circular base) 
= 2πrh + 2πr²
= 2πr(r+h) 
= c(r+h)
 Where c is the circumference of base

Volume of Cylinder 
= Base area × Height
= A × h


A sphere is a solid object, each point of its surface is equidistant from a fixed point inside it. The fixed point is called the centre and the constant distance is called the radius of the sphere. Objects such as globe, football, tennis ball, etc. are examples of spheres.
For a sphere, if radius = R and diameter = d

 Surface Area 
= 4πr² or πd²

= 4/3 × πr²

For Hemisphere 

Curved surface area (C.S.A)
= 2πr²

Total surface area (T.S.A)
= C.S.A + area of circular face
= 2πr² + πr²
= 3πr²

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