Vectors: Class 10 Optional Mathematics Solutions

Vector : Class 10 Optional Mathematics Solutions

Hey guys, are you class 10 students ? If so then I'm very glad to hear that because I have brought something special for you. Today I have brought the solution PDF for Vector chapter of class 10 optional mathematics. If you were facing problems while solving vector problems then this PDF will help you.

In vector there are mainly two exercise which is exercise 9.1 and exercise 9.2. In this pdf you'll find the complete solution of both exercises. 

 Chapter - 9  

Vector is a chapter of Optional Mathematics.  In this chapter you need to learn about 5 different types of problems including finding the products of two vectors, finding angle between them, to find out whether the given vector is unit vector or not, finding scalar product in column vector and proving the vector geometry. When solving these problems you might face difficulties. The solution PDF given below will definitely help you.

If you want to download the PDF then you can easily download them. You'll find a download button below the PDF file. You can click there and download the file.

Now without any delay let's have a look at the solutions of vector chapter. 

Class 10 Vectors Solutions PDF

NoteScroll the PDF to view all Solution

You are not allowed to post this PDF in any website or social platform without permission.  

Are All the Answers Correct? 

Before I answer this question, let me make you clear that I'm neither a teacher nor a topper student. I'm just an average student of my class. So, I can't provide you the guarantee that all the answers are correct. There may be some minor mistakes in answers but the process of solving the problems are correct. 

You can recheck the answers before copying, by doing so you can avoid mistakes. If there are mistakes in process of solving the problems then let me know through your comments. 

Is Class 10 Optional Math Guide Helpful For Student ?

Of course, Class 10 Optional Mathematics guide is very much helpful for students who wants to score good marks in their examination. Optional mathematics guide contains all the excercise of Optional book with their solutions. 

This guide will help you to clear your confusion which you might face while solving optional mathematics questions. You can easily solve the questions by looking the notes given above which are in pdf form. 

You have to use this note as a reference for helping you while solving problems. You shouldn't depend fully on this note to complete your excercise, if you do so then it might affect your studies. 

How to secure good marks in Mathematics ? 

Scoring good marks in optional mathematics is not so easy for an average student.  As I already have mentioned that I'm also an average student as a result I always had a tough time while solving optional mathematics questions. 

If you want to secure good marks in optional mathematics then you have to work hard. I personally used to go to coaching classes to practise optional mathematics. So I advice you to join coaching classes because it will really help you. You shouldn't only depend on coaching classes, you have to practise personally also. 

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