Corona Says: Class 11 English Exercise

Corona Says: Class 11 English Exercise

  UNIT - 2.1  

Vishnu S Rai (1951-) was educated in India, Nepal, and the UK. He taught English at Tribhuvan University for three decades and retired as Professor of English Language Education. Rai writes both in English and Nepali. He has written stories Martyrs & Other Stories (English). play Realities (English), travelogues Nau Dandapari (Nepali), and a novel Paheli (Nepali).

 ðŸ”† Understanding the text 

Answer the following questions.

a. Who is the speaker in the poem?

Ans: The Speaker in the poem is Corona itself.

b. Who claim that they are superior to all?

Ans: Human beings claim that they are superior to all other creatures.

c. Why has the speaker come to the Earth?

Ans: The Speaker has come to the earth so that the mother earth could have little rest for some time.

d. What positive changes have occurred on Earth after the speaker's visit?

Ans: After the speaker's arrival, the planet saw a number of positives changes like;
  • The air became cleaner and dust free.
  • People's egos have been replaced with fear.
  • Human have figured out how to make good use of natural resources.

 ðŸ”† Reference to the context

a. What does the speaker mean when he says:
But have you ever counted
How many have died so far 
Because of you and your wars?

Ans: These beautiful lines have been taken from Vishnu S.Rai's wonderful poem "Corona Says". Here, we find Corona as the main speaker who is talking to the people of present world. The Speaker is saying to the people about the bad aspects of war. He wants to make the men realise about the impact of inhumane wars. Here, the speaker is blaming humans for killing many people through their wars. He is asking them to calculate the total number of death caused due to their inhumane activities before blaming him for the death of people.

b. Explain the following:
I will depart one day. But remember
There're many others like me.
They'll come too.
If you don't get rid of your inflated ego,
You'll be back to your cave time
That you endured
Long, l o n g, l  o n g ago...

Ans: These beautiful lines have been taken from Vishnu S. Rai wonderful poem "Corona Says" where Corona itself is the speaker. Here, the speaker is warning the humans about future circumstances. He is informing people about his fellows who are similar to him and who might come to the earth if people don't improve their habits. He says that, one day he will depart from the planet but if humans don't get rid of their inflated egos, they (fellows) will come to the earth. If that happens, humans will be back to the cave as before (the stone age) and that will be the worst situation for them.

c. What does the speaker mean in the following lines? Explain.
The earth is not your property alone -
It's as much ours as yours.

Ans: Human beings have become selfish. They thinks earth as their own property. The human behaviours are the sole cause behind all these suffering of the people. Due to human egos and bad deeds, the present world is facing a crisis. Many people have lost their lives during wars which was caused by human behaviours and bad deeds. Due to their selfish nature, the earth and its creatures have faced numerous problems.

The speaker just wanted to mean that the earth belongs to all the living creatures in common. People should think about the lives of other creatures living on this earth before misusing the natural resources for their own sake.

🔆 Reference beyond the text

a. What human behaviours are responsible for the suffering in people's lives?

Ans: The human behaviours are the main cause bebind all these sufferings of the people. Due to human ego, their greediness and bad deeds, the present world is facing a lot of crisis. Many people have lost their lives during this critical period. Due to their selfish nature, the earth have faced numerous problems of diseases. Their so-called egos and wars have snatched the lives of many people.

b. How does an epidemic differ from pandemic? Briefly explain the impact of Corona Virus on human life and environment.

Ans: When a disease spreads quickly and widely across a community, it is called an epidemic. 
When a disease spread quickly and widely throughout a population, it is called a pandemic.

Human life became harder as a result of lockdown. People were not allowed to go outside unless necessary, which made every physical activities to be stopped. It caused a greater loss to the economy. Corona Virus has taken away the lives of numerous number of people. People in the world are panic-stricken and living their life in mental fear. But, due to the impact of Corona Virus, environment has become clean and pollution free than before.

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