Optical Illusion To Test Your Brain: Spot the number of circles in this picture within 10 seconds?

We all love playing different types of games in our free times. Some play free fire, pubg and some play other android and iOS games according to their desires and preferences. We not only play games in our phones but we also play different physical games with our friends and neighbours kids. Basically, we don't spend our free times just by sitting at our home doing nothing. 

We feel like enjoying our little free time doing something creative and entertaining. Now the source of entertainment may be different based on our personality. But we all share the common feeling of doing something creative. We want to increase our IQ level so that we can perform better academically. Tell me, do you want to increase your IQ level ?

Optical illusion are considered as one of the best way to unlock our brain. So today I have brought an optical illusion to test your IQ level. If you really want to test your brain then keep reading this article till the very end.

Optical Illusion To Test Your Brain: Spot the number of circles in this picture within 10 seconds?

Optical illusion to test your iq level
Image Source: Bright Side

As I already mentioned before, optical illusion are one of the best source to increase your thinking power and the image given above is an optical illusion. This optical illusion can help you to test your eye & IQ level. In this illusion you just have to look at the image given at tell us, how many circles are there? 

You have got only 10 seconds to observe the image carefully and find out the total number of circle presented in the given picture. Look at the image carefully from every perspective. The image looks so simple but it is much more complicated than your think it is.

How many circles did you spot?

Take a close look at this optical illusion and try to find out the total number of circle hidden inside the main circle. It may appear too tricky to find them, but if you take a closer looks from the centre of the main circle then you may find some slight changes in color. Every single changes in color combination represent a circle. 

The image doesn't contain only one circle but it contains 6 circles in total. Did you get that? If not try observing the image again and again. 

Optical illusion to test your IQ
Image Source: Bright Side 

Your brain doesn't show you the slight difference in color combination at first. It often shows what it is used to on a common basis. There are many color combination of a same color. They all looks identical as our bare eye can't observe the very slight change in color.  However, the difference in color combination can be seen something if we observe image from different perspectives. 

If you have bad eyes, you might a single circle filled with yellow color. Now it doesn't mean you have a poor sight and you need to go to the doctor and start wearing glasses from tomorrow. But it is because our brain needs time to compute new things. If you see this types of picture again then you can definitely spot the total number of circle within few seconds. 

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It has been claimed that if you took more than 10 seconds to find the number of circles hidden in this riddle then you have the brain of a mature person. It is hard for you to make your mind see beyond the obvious and you can't handle change easily.

If took you less than 5 seconds then your brain is quite young, flexible and you can approach tasks from different angles. You can notice the thinnest details right away and adapt to new situations easily.

What is your result? Tell us in the comment section below!

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