Optical Illusion To Test Your IQ: How many animals can you spot within 10 seconds?

An optical illusion is a great way to test your visual perception as well as gain a better understanding of your perception. It creates a mirage that disorients your senses, while in the process revealing how well you are able to focus and comprehend information.

You can use optical illusions to find out how well organised and stimulated your mind and senses are, in addition to testing your visual senses. There are different types of optical illusion available throughout the internet. Every illusion are used for different purposes on the basis of their design.

There is a type of optical illusion which we call a mirage, it is designed to mislead your senses and help you understand how your brain works. Listening all this stuff, you may be have gained interest in optical illusion. You may be willing to try out an optical illusion to test your brain. Well in that case, today we have brought a new type of optical illusion to test how sharp your brain is.

Optical Illusion To Test Your IQ: How many animals can you spot within 10 seconds?

Optical illusion to test your IQ

Till now we have tested our mind using different types of optical illusion. Today also we're going to test you with an optical illusion. But today we are not only going to test your IQ level but also your vision power. Your today's job is to spot the total number of animals form the picture given. It can help you to test your eye & IQ level. So look at the image given and tell us, how many animals are there? 

You have got only 10 seconds to observe the image carefully and find out the total number of animals presented in the given picture. You have to observe the image carefully from different perspective to find out the total number of animals. The picture looks so simple as it contains only few animals but it is much more complicated than your think.

How many animals did youbspot in 10 seconds?

Take a close look at this optical illusion and try to remember all the animals, you see at your first glance. You may observe only few animals innthe picture, but if you take a closer looks then you'll find more than 10 animals in that picture. 

What is your answer? Now, let's reveal the total number of animals hidden in the picture. Well, there are 13 animals hidden in that picture. It was is a great way to test your visual and IQ level at once.

Spot the hidden animals

You never know what your brain will show you because it often shows you what you are accustomed to. There are many short texts on the internet with repeated words that most people don't notice until they finish reading them and check the description or note.

The words you couldn't see from a distance might become clearer when someone tells you what's written there. It's not because you've gotten better eyes. It's because your brain completes the picture when someone tells you.

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It has been claimed that if you were able to spot 1-3 animals then you're kind of person who doesn't love to find out detailed meanings of things but if you were able to spot 4-5 creatures then it symbolises that you have normal IQ level and you didn't look at the image in deep because 4-5 animals can be clearly seen on the image. 

If you luckily spot 7-9 creature then it symbolise that you have a perfect attention power but if you spot 10-13 creatures then congratulations, your memory power are unbelievable. Apart from that, your vision power is also too good. You believe in learning and can notice the thinnest details right away and adapt to new situations easily.

What is your result? Tell us in the comment section below!

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