Optical Illusions For Personality Test: What you see first will reveal your personality type

Optical Illusion has always been the source of entertainment for people. Apart from entertainment, Optical illusions has also become the medium to find out people's true personality type. It can help us to find out what exactly is going inside someone's head. When you see an optical illusion for the first time, you'll think what you usually used to which means it can reveal your thinking. 

There are different types of optical illusions. Some are used to test your IQ level and some are used to test your eye. But, today we are going to test your personality type using the optical illusions specially designed to reveal your thinking style. And according to your thinking, your personality type can detected. 

Optical Illusions For Personality Test: What you see first will reveal your personality 

Optical Illusions For Personality Test
Image Source: Bright Side 

The above image is an optical illusion which can help you to test your eye & personality type level. In this illusion you just have to look at the image given at tell us, what did you see at first? According to the object you spot at first will decide your personality type. 

You have got only 5 seconds to observe the image. Look at it and remember what you saw first, they can tell a bunch about your character. You'll find your personality type below, according to the object you saw at first.

What did your see at first?

Every person thinks differently at different times. There is no guarantee that every people's thinking matches with the same situation. So different people have different personality. There is very few changes that the personality of two people matches exactly. It happens frequently only in movies, web series and in your imagination. 

Well that was probably a worst joke ever, Never mind that. Let's keep moving forward and find out your true personality type. At this moment you may be matching yourself with James bond, who can easily spy on someone's personal life. No, you don't need to do that. You can just surprise your friends without declaring yourself a spy.

All the personality types based on different objects you observe at first are presented below. You can check your personality type just by comparing your answer with the personality type. 

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A dog

If you saw a dog at first, you're a pet lover and your home means the world to you. You do anything for the sake of your family. You wouldn't move to another place even for all the money in the world. 

A river

If you saw the river first, you're kind of person who appreciates freedom the most. You don't like to be told what to do or how to live your own life. Basically, you love to live your life according to your personal will.

A face 

If you saw a face at first, you're kind of person who never stop learning new things. You really enjoy learning and discovering new things everyday. You're always ready to invest a lot of time, effort and money in self improvement.


It has been claimed that this type of optical illusion is used to determine one's personality. There is no any scientific reason whether it is 100% true or not. In some cases the result actually matches your personality but in some cases it may not be able to reveal your personality. It is hard for us to tell, it is completely fake because many people are using this type of illusion to test people's true personality. 

However, you can use this optional illusion to test your friends personality. Take this as a source of learning and never try criticise on people's personality determined with the help of this type of optical illusions. The most important fact about this illusion is, it can really help you to increase your IQ level.

What is your result? Tell us in the comment section below!

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