How To Memorise Faster and Easier for Exams

In many college courses, you are required to memorize a large amount of information. Memorizing for one class is challenging enough, but memorizing for multiple classes can be extremely frustrating. Many students feel that their memory skills are simply not strong enough to cope with them. It is a fact that it is not only the fortunate few who are born with the right skills that can memorize, but anyone can train and develop their ability to memorize.

Students who practice visualization techniques and use memory tricks perform better than those who do not, according to competitive memorizers. By learning memory tricks, you can expand your working memory and access long-term memory.

There are also some techniques that can help you to remember these concepts for years or even for your entire life. Lastly, the use of these tricks to memorize information can improve your understanding and higher order thinking. Keep reading for a brief introduction to effective memorization techniques that will help you in school.

5 Simple Tips To Memorise Faster 

5 Simple Tips To Memorise Faster

My exams are nearby I have so many answers, formulas, names and dates to remember, how am I going to memorise all these things in a short period of time?These questions arise in everybody's mind once when the exam is coming nearer and nearer. 

Now many students feel like they simply don't have the memory skills to remember a lot of information at the same time. But memorising is not just for an elite group of people who are born with the right skills. Literally anyone I mean, anyone can train their brains and develop strong memorising abilities.

Today I'm going to tell you some simple tricks to memorise everything that you read and memorize it for longer period of time. So let's not waste any time and let's get started with the memorizing tips and tricks. 

1. Understand the information 

The first trick is to understand the information before trying to memorize an answer or a material. Spend some time organizing the information and then try to understand it. Information that is organised and makes sense to you will be easier to memorize.

Memorizing information which you don't understand won't last for long. So it is very important to understand it before memorizing your answer otherwise it will be only the loss of your time.

2. Link it

Our second tip is that you should try connecting the information that you're trying to learn with something that you know already. You should try to connect the information with something that you already know. It is much easier to remember information that is connected to other concepts. 

If you have trouble connecting the information to something that you already know, try to come up with a crazy connection. For example, say that you're trying to memorise the fact that the Mount Everest is about 8849 Feet and 8849 happens to be your best friend's phone numbers last four digits. 

You can now link these two facts together by imagining that you're throwing your best friend's phone from the top of Mount Everest. I know it's a very strange and crazy way of linking these two facts together, but you will be able to remember this fact for a longer period of time.

3. Self-Test

The next tip we have for you is to test yourself every other day by actively recalling the information that you're trying to study, so make sure that you quiz yourself every now and then.

Many students think that they remember the information just because it seems familiar to them while rereading it. Instead of doing this, Ask yourself questions and force yourself to remember it without taking a look at the answer. This will help you to identify which parts of the material you're struggling to remember. 

After that you can focus on that specific part and use one of the memory tricks to help you remember it. But yeah, don't quiz yourself immediately after reading a material. Give yourself a few hours or maybe a day or two to see if you actually remember it.

4. Sleep On It!

Trick number four is named as sleep on it. A lot of researchers say that your brain processes and stores information while you asleep. So why don't we try it out? 

To review a piece of information or an answer that you're trying to remember, just go to sleep after reading the answers even if it's only for a few minutes. Then when you wake up, try to see if you remember it or not.

This sounds crazy but it really helps you to remember information for a longer period of time. Now don't slack behind in the name of studying just by sleeping whole day and complaining that this trick is nothing but just a piece of trash.

5. Teach others 

Now the last but not the least tip of our top 5 tricks to memorise faster is teaching others. Teaching is one of the best way of improving yourself. I mean to say that if you are struggling to remember your answers then trying teaching others. It will help you to recall your memory. 

Among all the tips presented here, this is one of my personal favourite trick. I personally use this trick in my daily life and it has helped me a lot. Whenever I have a hard time remembering mathematics problem I teach my friend with whatever knowledge I have got.

Have you ever wondered, why our teacher are so intelligent? It is because of the fact that they teach the same thing to students throughout the day and it will help to transfer the information from short term memory to long term memory. So you should also definitely try out this.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you want to learn how to score good marks in exam or you want to think about the fastest way to memorize things, the above steps would help you with your journey. Use the above knowledge to crack exam courses or learn a new language and see how easy it really is to crack exam courses. 

If you are able to remember information faster and more efficiently, you will have a competitive edge over those who are still struggling to recall and remember relevant information. Get started today!

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