Limits and Continuity: Class 11 Mathematics Solutions | Exercise - 15.3

  Chapter - 15  
Limits and Continuity

We will mostly study about the techniques for determining the limits of normal functions and trigonometric functions in this chapter. We will also learn how to determine whether a function is continuous or discontinuous. In our previous exercise, we had learnt how to find the limits of a normal function and a trigonometric function. You should review the preceding exercise if you haven't before moving forward to next exercise.

Today, in this particular exercise we will only learn how to find the right hand limit, left hand limit, functional value and to check whether the given function is continuous or discontinuous. 



Right hand limit

A function f(x) is said to have the right hand limit l₁ at x = a as x approaches a through value greater than a (i.e. x approaches a from the right) and symbolically it is written as limₓ→ₐ+ f(x) = l₁. The right hand limit of f(x) at x = a is also written as limₓ→ₐ+⁰ f(x) f(a + 0).

Left hand limit 

A function f(x) is said to have the right hand limit l₂ at x = a as x approaches a through value less than a (i.e. x approaches a from the left) and symbolically it is written as limₓ→ₐ- f(x) = l₂. The left hand limit of f(x) at x = a is also written as limₓ→ₐ-⁰ f(x) f(a - 0).

Continuity of a Function

The intuitive idea of a continuous functions f in the interval [a, b] gives the impression that the graph of the function f in this interval is a smooth curve without any break in it. Actually this curve is such that it can be drawn by the continuous motion of pencil without lifting it in a sheet of paper. Similarly, a discontinuous function gives the picture consisting of disconnected curves.

Continuity of a Function

 Exercise - 15.3

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