Hidden Optical Illusion: Can You Find the Hidden Bicycle within 10 Seconds?

Hidden Optical Illusion: Can You Find the Hidden Bicycle within 10 Seconds? Playing Puzzle Games or Solving Riddles is a fun way of enjoying free time. I personally like to find out the hidden object from hidden optical illusion pictures. Till today I've solved many riddles of Hidden Optical Illusions. They have provided me a better perspective of viewing things around me. Not only that, optical illusion have helped me to keep myself busy during my leisure time.

Hidden Optical Illusion are the medicines for my loneliness. I often end up solving more than 5 Optical Illusions Puzzles everyday.  It keeps me hooked and don't make me feel bored like other games does. Playing or solving Optical Illusions puzzles has helped me to increase by thinking ability as I used to think from different perspectives while trying to solve the optical illusion. 

If you are also bored in your free time and don't want to do your assignment or study then I suggest you to play some mind games or solve Optical Illusions puzzles. This will keep your brain active even if you don't study daily. The result of increase in your IQ may not be visible or noticeable in short terms but it will definitely work in long term. 

Can You Find the Hidden Bicycle within 10 Seconds?

Can You Find the Hidden Bicycle within 10 Seconds?

If you are my daily readers then you already know that I always keep on posting new optical illusion picture for you everyday. Doing so helps me to keep my brain active and it will also help you to save your time of finding different optical illusion everyday. You can visit our site any time and just search for the required optical illusion and you'll find them. You don't need to visit other sites anymore.

Today also I'm back with a new hidden optical illusions for you. In today's optical illusion your task is to find the hidden bicycle from the above optical illusion picture. You have got only 10 seconds to spot the hidden bicycle from the optical illusion picture given. Your performance will determine your vision power because you need to have a sharp vision inorder to spot out the hidden bicycle within 10 seconds.

The above optical illusion picture consists of white drawings of ducks. There are many pairs of ducks clustered in one picture and among the group of ducks there is one bicycle which seems to be invisible at first but if you have sharp eyesight then you'll spot the bicycle immediately. Let's see if you can do it or not. You have only 10 seconds to complete this challenge and you are not allowed to cheat.

Where is the Bicycle Hidden in the Picture?

We're you able to spot the hidden bicycle within 10 seconds from the given optical illusion picture. If yes then that's great. Even if you are not able to spot the hidden bicycle then we'll help you out at last but before that you need to try it yourself. If you think you can't do it then look at the image given below for the correct answer. I have highlighted the bicycle while red circle so that you don't need to struggle while finding the hidden bicycle. 

Can You Find the Hidden Bicycle within 10 Seconds?

As you can see in the above image, the bicycle was right in front of our eye but you weren't able to notice it. This optical illusion was easier then yesterday's one. If you haven't watched the optical illusion picture which I've posted yesterday then you should have a look at that optical illusion picture once. Once you master in any one kind of optical illusion then you'll be able to solve any optical illusion of same kinds.

Have you ever thought, Why didn't your eye spot the bicycle before even if you have watched the optical illusions picture several times. Well if you want the answer to this question then it is very simple. Optical illusions picture are different from the ordinary images. They are designed to create an illusion in our brain. They just divert our brain from the main object or let's say the amin clue.

Optical Illusion creates an illusion in our brain. Let's take an example, the above optical illusion created an illusion in your eye and you were thinking that the bicycle is the eye of ducks but in reality it wasn't. The main trick used in this optical illusion was the similar structure of bicycle and the eye of ducks. Well that's it for today. If you like this optical illusion then feel free to share and leave your opinions. I will see you soon with another such optical illusion challenge, till then keep learning and keep growing. 

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