How To Disable Comments in YouTube (2023 Updated)

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where you can upload, view, and share videos. If you are a YouTube creator then you may love uploading videos on YouTube regularly but you don't always want feedback. If you want to make sure you get the best results from your videos, you shouldn't be putting up with the YouTube comment section, because it is often full of low-effort or inappropriate comments.

Creators have the power to turn on/off comments on their videos whenever they want. If you feel like getting advice and feedback from viewers then you can turn ON comments otherwise turn it OFF if your comment section are full of spam comments. 

In this article, we will show you how you can disable comments on your YouTube videos, on all future videos, YouTube live streams as well as on your previous video. But before that, let us know the reason why should we disable YouTube comments. 

Why you should disable comments?

We creators get a wonderful feeling when someone comments their opinions, suggestions or even spell a joke. We enjoy reading and replying them. Even a single comment from user can make a creator's day. 

But not all the users have positive mindsets. Sometime they may post mean or disrespectful comments for no apparent reason. They seems enjoying themselves by posting those types of rude comments. I believe that it's better to turn off comments when the hate gets too real rather than absorbing it.

Now apart from that, there are many other reason to disable YouTube comments. Let's have a peek on some of them real quick.

1. To Avoid Scam

YouTube comment section was basically introduced to get opinions from viewers but nowadays YouTube comment section had been a source for promoting scams. Many people create their fake accounts and comment on random YouTube videos. 

They posts comments like, "Hurray! I learned how to use ChatGPT to make money". When people see that comments people visit their telegram channel. After that, scammrers ask money from users promising them to teach different methods of earning money which they don't know themselves. 

So disabling YouTube comment can help to reduce scams to a great extent. 

2. To Stop Criticism 

We all know that different people have different sorts of things they want. In the similar manner, different people like different types of videos. The video you post on YouTube may not be liked by someone. In this case, people may criticise you and your video.

When that happens, you may get demotivated to make videos. You start feeling like leaving YouTube. This types of situation is faced by almost all YouTube in their beginning phase.

If you are also a beginner who is just following your dream of making videos and uploading them on YouTube then I'll recommend you to turn off YouTube comment for sometime. When you do so, you'll be far from negativity that may mislead you.

3. To Avoid Frustration 

YouTubers have to deal with frustration evertime. When we upload videos, we hope that people will love them. And that happens  most of the times but there are people who may not like your video. 

When people don't like your videos, they may comment unwanted things about your videos. Seeing those comments you may feel down. Negative comments can create frustration and you may be the victim of depression. 

If you don't want frustration in your life while struggling as the journey of a youtuber then it is better for you to keep your comment section off for sometimes. 

Why you shouldn’t disable comments on YouTube videos 

YouTube has always been a great platform for sharing videos, with plenty of people able to enjoy them. However, as more people share videos, it becomes harder and harder to determine who is actually responsible for the content and what is actually being discussed. With comments enabled on videos, this can be easier to determine who is responsible for the content and to provide constructive feedback.

Genuine comments really help creators to stay motivated. There are people who share their honest opinion about your content. Their comments can help you to correct your mistakes and helps to get prepared for your future content. 

If you think you can avoid negativity and accept only positive reviews and praise about your content then enabling YouTube comment can be the best choice. Enabling YouTube comments can also help you to get connected with your audience and share about your journey. 

How To Disable Comments in YouTube  

How To Disable Comments in YouTube

There are different ways to disable comments on YouTube. Let's take an example, you have already uploaded a video on, how to enable comments on YouTube. After publishing the video you may want to turn off comments for that video. If so then go through the simple steps given below.

Disable comments on your existing YouTube videos

Step 1: Login to YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Select content from left-hand menu.

Step 3: Select the video in which you want to disable comments. 

Step 4: Click on edit button from dropdown menu.

Step 5: Scroll down and find comments and ratings. 

Step 6: Select disable comments from dropdown menu. 

Step 7: Click on update videos.

If you are editing a lot of videos, this process could take a while, so please wait until you are notified that you can navigate away from the page once it has finished.

Disable comments on your new YouTube videos by default

Step 1: Choose your channel icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Choose YouTube Studio from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Select Settings from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: Click on Community, in the modal that appears from the left-hand menu.

Step 5: Switch to the Default tab.

Step 6: Use the Comments on your new videos dropdown menu to set it to Disable comments.

Step 7: Click Save to complete the process.

Enjoy Commenting On Videos

Now that you know how to turn off comments on your YouTube videos, it's important to remember that this is not a permanent change. If you decide that you want comments back on your videos, it is a matter of just clicking a few buttons.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on other people's videos, as long as they also haven't disabled them. Feel free to express your thoughts on YouTube and take part in the conversation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I often get a lots of Dms and comments from people asking questions related to YouTube comment section. I cannot reply them all individually due to lack of time. So, I have collected some of the most repeated questions and I hope the answers of these questions will be able to solve your queries too.

1. Can I enable comments again after disabling them on my YouTube videos?

Yes, you can enable comments on your YouTube videos even after disabling them. The process is reversible, and you have the full rights to turn comments on or off as desired. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier in the article to enable comments on YouTube videos when you feel ready to engage with your audience again.

2. Will disabling comments affect my video's visibility or rankings?

Disabling comments on your YouTube videos does not directly impact the visibility or rankings of your video. The decision to disable comments is specific to the interaction and engagement on your videos, but it does not affect their discoverability or how they are indexed by search engines.

3. Can I still receive feedback or engage with viewers if I disable comments?

Although disabling comments restricts viewers from commenting directly on your videos, there are alternative ways to receive feedback and engage with your audience. You can encourage viewers to reach out to you through other platforms like social media, email, or a website contact form. This allows for more controlled and direct communication with your audience while avoiding all potential negativity or spam that can come through YouTube comments.

4. Are there any alternative ways to manage comments on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube provides additional features to help manage comments on your videos without necessarily disabling them altogether. You can utilize comment filters, moderation settings, and even enlist the help of community moderators to monitor and review comments before they appear publicly. These options allow you to have some control over the comment section while still promoting a positive and respectful environment.

5. Can I disable comments on YouTube live streams?

Yes, you can disable comments on YouTube live streams as well. When setting up your live stream, you can choose to disable the live chat feature entirely or moderate it by appointing trusted moderators to review and approve comments before they appear. This gives you the ability to manage the live chat experience and maintain a more controlled environment during your live stream broadcasts.

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