How To Make Money As a Teenager - 10 Ways To Get Started

If you are a teenager who is willing to make money online then you are at right place. Today I'll show you 10 easy ways to make money as a teenager. And don't worry, I won't be going over ways where you have spend 10 hours to complete one work to get paid.

We will only discuss about the simple and easy ways of making money online in which you don't need to work for hours and hours. You can use your free time to earn some extra cash for your personal expense as a teenager.

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager 

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

Teenager's life is full of desires and wants. They wants to try out different stuffs like buying expensive clothes, trying new hair style, buying video games and many more. But money may act as a wall between your desire and wants. 

Inorder to break that wall and fulfill your wish you need money because your parents are not going to pay for your every expense. So without any further delay let's know about 10 easy ways to make money as a  teenage so that you can earn money and fulfill your wish.

1. Study Pool

So, the first easy way to make money is by using a platform called study pool. Now you may don't know about thsi platform. Studypool is basically a platform where you can sell your own homework, your study guide or anything which can help students in learning. 

Now all you have to do is just upload documents and once they're approved you can make money. Once you upload your document, you could make $10 passively every time someone buys it.

And the best point is that there are millions of students actively on this website who are looking for study notes. So they're probably going to buy something from you. So you basically upload it and once it's approved, you will get paid. 

2. Cambly 

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

At number two, we have a platform called Cambly. Now you may be the person who knows how to speak English fluently, then you could actually get onto this platform and earn $10 per hour for just teaching people how to speak English. And the best part is you can do it from any location. 

 You can simply go on cambly and sign up. You can use your basic skill which you have learned in your school to earn money. If you just earn $10 per hour as a teenager then that's a great work. There's another way for you to make money

You can use that money for buying your personal stuffs and you don't need to argue and fight with your mother for asking money everytime you need something new.

3. Selling On Facebook Market Place

The third way to earn money is Facebook marketplaceIf you're a person who has a lot of things in your house then you can sell them and earn money. Facebook marketplace is one of the best ways to get rid of your stuff occupying unnecessary space.

If you have a lot old stuff then you can get rid of those stuff and make money .You could also go on places like Facebook marketplace to look for items which people are selling for free. There's a lot of free stuff which you can go check out and basically resell them on Facebook marketplace after polishing or stitching them.

Many people are selling their stuff on Facebook marketplace for a profit and so can also try once. 

4. Video Editing 

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

At number four we have video editing. Now video editing is a skill which will be highly in demand in the near future because people are getting digitalized day by day. So if you can edit videos, you can reach out to influencers and earn money by editing thier videos.

You can simply edit their videos, thumbnails, posters etc. and get paid. You can easily work from home at any time when you are free. 

5. Affiliate Marketing 

At number five we have affiliate marketing. Now I always talk about how good affiliate marketing is because you could sign up in ecommerce website like Amazon Associates where you can make money by recommending products to people.

So for example, if your friend is about to buy an apple watch from Amazon, then you can provide him your affiliate link for buying that specific product on Amazon through Amazon Associates. And if he buy that product you'll be able to make some money. So it's basically a win win situation for both. You recommend any products to any of your friend or family members and when they buy that product,  you will make a commission.

 I'm not going to go more in detail on how Amazon associates work because it will be lengthy but if you want to know about it then you can simply google or watch a YouTube video. If you want me to tell about Amazon associate then let me know in the comment section and I will write a detailed article about that as well. But it's very simple and, very easy to make some quick money.

6. Starting a Fiverr Gig

At number six we have fivers gig. I know it's tough but the reason why it's tough is because when most people came to Fiverr they simply copy what other people are doing and they try and think that they would get any orders. 

Now here's the trick to get success. You're no different in any form than other people. So what you need to do ? So be different from others. Try to do something which no one else does within that niche and you will definitely get orders. 

7. Digital Products On Etsy

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

At number seven we have, making digital products on etsy. So many people sell templates on Etsy and make a lot of money. Once you made a template then you can post it on Etsy and you'll get paid every time someone bought it.

I feel like this is one of the best ways to make passive income because once you get it right, you will start getting certain orders, and once you make the most in demand template, like obviously you could look at templates and see what people were people actually looking for. Because if you just make a random sample and upload it, no one's gonna care. 

8. Drop Servicing 

At number eight we have drop servicing.  Now you guys may don't know what drop servicing is, it's basically you using other people's services and providing it to other people for higher price and keeping the profit yourself. 

For example you go on Fiverr and you find a guy who can make a YouTube banner for five pounds. There's another youtuber looking for a YouTube banner. You're the middleman. You tell the business that I'm going to charge you 15 pounds for that banner, and you go on Fiverr pay the guy five pounds for designing banner after that  you directly sent it to the youtuber, he pays you 15 pounds, so you're basically making a profit

9. Dropshipping Without Shopify 

At number nine we have dropshipping without Shopify. You must be thinking, How can you dropship without Shopify ? Don't worry I recently have found a new technique to do so. You have to go on a platform like Etsy and look for something like handmade dress in the US and you find a product.

All you have to do is take a picture of that product and put it on Facebook marketplace. And when someone orders it from Facebook marketplace,you have to put their address and it goes directly to them. You might be thinking it's ethically wrong or you're selling other people's product, but that's how dropshipping works and this is basically free dropshipping you don't need to use your own money. 

You basically use other people's money buy it and you're making free money for just selling other people's products. 

10. Graphics Designing 

10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

At number 10 we have graphic designing Graphic designing is a great skill having high scope in modern time. There are so many people looking for a graphic designer to make their work done. So if you have a graphic design skill it can be a perfect source for you to earn some money but even if you don't know about graphic designing then you can learn them from YouTube. You can find so many resources to learn on YouTube.

Once you know how to make a graphic design then you can start making money by selling your design to people who are searching for graphic design.


So these were the 10 easy easy to make money online as a teenagers. By using the  above mentioned points you can start earning money by using your basic skills and without any investment. I hope this article helped you for finding the ways to make money online. 

If you have any queries regarding the above mentioned topics then let me know about that through the comment section. I'm tuning off for today bye !

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