Vectors Class 11 Mathematics Solutions | Exercise - 12.1

  Chapter - 12.1  

We all have to study vectors in class 11 mathematics. I know we have studied about in grade 10 also but this has been upgraded in class 11. Since there are lots of new topics added in the syllabus of class 11. You may not be friendly with them.

Because of that a lot of students were demanding the notes of class 11 Vector chapter. They were continuously texting us in our social media handles. So, I'm here to fulfill your demand. Today I'll be giving you the complete note of class 11 vector chapter. For further information keep on reading this article. 


In vector chapter we have only one exercise and this single exercise covers a lots of subtopics. Before we discuss about the let's know what vectors really means I mathematics. 

In mathematics, a vector is a mathematical object that represents both magnitude (size) and direction. It is commonly used to describe quantities that have both a magnitude and a direction, such as displacement, velocity, and force.

A vector is typically represented by an ordered set of numbers called components or coordinates. In two-dimensional space, a vector is represented as an arrow with a certain length and a direction in the plane. The length of the arrow represents the magnitude of the vector, and the direction in which the arrow points represents the direction of the vector.

Scalars and Vectors

The physical quantities which can be characterised by its magnitudes only is known as a scalar quantity or simply a scalar. For example: mass, density, time, speed etc.

But the physical quantity which can completely be characterised by its magnitude together with its direction is known as the vector quantity or simply vector. For example: velocity, acceleration, momentum, force etc.

Notation and Representation

In early days, the vectors are denoted by bold faced type of letters such as a, b, AB etc.But now, we denote a vector by a letter or combination of two letters with an arrow over it. But a letter or a combination of two letters without an arrow over it means a scalar.

Vector notation

 Exercise - 12.1

In this PDF, you'll only find the solution of class 11 vectors chapter. It contains all the solutions of exercise - 12.1. Since it contains only one exercise, you don't need to search for other exercise. All the topics are covered in this exercise.

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It really takes hardwork to prepare the complete solution notes. We are distributing this notes just to help students learn more. I don't want you guys to face the same problem I used to face while solving mathematics questions. So use our PDF wisely and get well prepared to solve any mathematics problems. 

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