Class 10 Nepali Guide PDF 2080 Edition

Class 10 Nepali Guide PDF 2080 Edition

Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 covers all the Exercises, Question Answers, Summary and Grammar according to the latest syllabus. Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 Edition is specifically designed for grade 10 students studying in Nepal to help them in their studies. Whether it's practicing exercises or improving grammar skills, this guide will  meet all your needs of students.

We keep providing guide book PDF of different subjects every year. Last year we have provided the class 10 nepali guide book 2079 but the course got updated in 2080. Now 2080 batch students won't be able to use the guide book of 2079 anymore. They need the updated guide book. As of now, there are no physical guidebooks available. Therefore, we decided provide an online guidebook instead. 

Class 10 Nepali Guide Book 2080 Edition 

Class 10 Nepali Guide Book 2080 contains thw solutions of 16 chapters in total. We are not providing the PDF of whole guide at once. We'll be providing the PDF of each and every chapter separately. Doing this will help you to navigate to the required chapters easily without having to scroll the while PDF to find the notes of the required chapters.

All you need is the name of the chapter you are searching the notes. Once you have the name of the chapter you can directly type the name in the search box or else click on the Get Notes button given below. You'll also be able to download the notes of individual chapters if you wish to save it in your device.

UnitsName of the Chapter Genre
1Ujyalo YatraKabita
2Ghar JhagadaKatha
3Chikitsa Bigyan Ra Ayurvedic ChikitsaNibandha
4Yesto Kahile NahosManobadh 
5Laxmi Prasad DevkotaJibani 
6Adhikar Thulo Ki KartabyaBadhbiwad
8Nepali Hamro Shram Ra SipKabita
9Mero Desh Ko ShikshyaNibandha
10Byabsayik ChithiChitthi
12Pablo PicassoJibani
14Gharko MayaNatak
15Gaumathi Euta KabitaKabita

Now you have got the updated chapter-wise notes of class 10 Nepali, you have to utilise it properly inorder to take its advantage. We always recommend ypu to go through each chapter carefully before copying the notes from the guide PDF. It is because if you keep on copying the entire notes without studying the chapter then it may suppress your creativity. You have to take this guide as a reference and try to form the answers in your own way. 

Benefits of Using the 2080 Edition Guide

There are many benefits of using the latest edition of class 10 Nepali guide. Some of the benefits are outlined in the following points.

  • Up-to-date: It has the newest info for your class.
  • Fits Your Needs: Matches what you're learning in school now.
  • Covers Everything: Teaches you all about Nepali language and stories.
  • Easy to Get: You can read it on your phone or computer.
  • Cost Free: Doesn't cost a single penny. 
  • Cover Grammer: It covers grammar exercises to help students to improve their grammar. 

How to Download the Class 10 Nepali Guide PDF 2080 Edition?

As I have mentioned earlier, we are not providing the download link of a whole book PDF. However, we have provided the download link of individual chapters separately. We have done so inorder to help students get the notes of required chapters easily in a short interval of time. 

When the whole guide is divided into each chapters then the student who only need the notes of one chapter don't have to download the PDF of the whole guide book. You just have to click on the Get Notes button which is just at the right side of the name of the chapter. 

When you click on the Get Notes button, you'll be redirected to a new post where you'll find the solutions of that chapter in image formats. You can simply scroll the page to view all the exercises of that chapter. If you wish to download the PDF of that chapter then you can click on Download PDF button. Once you click on download pdf button, Google drive will get opened and you can download the PDF for free.


Before I conclude this article, let's tackle some of the questions people often ask to help you understand the Class 10 Nepali Guide PDF 2080 Edition better. These questions and answers will make it easier for you to use this guide. So, let's get started and clear up any confusion you might have about this helpful resource.

What is the Class 10 Nepali Guide PDF 2080 Edition?

Class 10 Nepali Guide is the solutions set of class 10 Nepali book which contains all solved exercises, summary, grammars and other additional exercises that can help students in their studies.

Is this guide suitable for the latest curriculum and exam pattern?

Yes of course, class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 Edition is the revised and updated guide of class 10 nepali that perfectly aligns with the latest curriculum and exam patterns.

Are there any additional resources included in the PDF guide?

Apart from the solved exercises, this guide includes some grammer exercises and summary of the exercises which makes it easier for students to prepare for their exams.

Is the PDF guide available for free, or do I need to purchase it?

Class 10 Nepali Guide is complete free. You don't need to pay a single penny to use it.

Can I share the PDF guide with my friends or classmates?

Yes, your are allowed to share the PDF of the guide with your friends and classmates but not allowed to repost in any website without permission.

Can I request specific topics or content to be added to the guide?

Yes of course you can. If you want to request any specific topic to be added to the guide then you can contact us through the contact form or leave a comment. We'll update it as soon as we can.

Is there a print version of the guide available for purchase?

No there are no any physical or printed copy of this guide available for purchase. We are not planning to release a printed copy of this guide as we don't want students to pay for those materials which can be available for free.

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