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Class 11 Chemistry Notes PDF Download

Class 11 Science students are always in search of a place we're they can find quality notes. If you are also the one searching for the notes specially for class 11 chemistry notes then you are at perfect place. Here you'll get the complete chapter-wise notes of class 11 chemistry. 

We have been providing notes and guides of different subjects since 2078. Till now we have provided the notes of almost all subjects of class 10, class 11 and class 12. So whenever you want the notes of any subject then feel free to visit us any time. So without any side talks let's move towards the main goal of this article. 

Class 11 Chemistry Chapter Wise Notes PDF Download 

Class 11 chemistry contains total 4 sections named as section A, B, C and D. In Section A we will study General and Physical Chemistry, in Section B we will study Inorganic Chemistry and we will study Organic and Applied Chemistry in Section C and D respectively. The number of chapters in each section are unequal. 

There are 8 chapters in general and Physical chemistry portion, 3 chapters in Inorganic chemistry portion, 4 chapters in organic chemistry and only 2 chapters in Applied Chemistry portion. In total there are 17 chapters that you need to study in grade 11.

You'll find the complete handwritten notes of each and every chapter below. We have separated all four sections inorder to make it easier for you to navigate to the required chapters. You just have to click on the names of chapters to get the notes. 

Notes are for personal use only. Please don't use them commercially. Let's respect each other's work. Thanks! 😊🙏

Section A: General and Physical Chemistry

1. Foundation and Fundamentals

2. Stoichiometery

3. Atomic Structure 

4. Classification Of Element and Perodic Table 

5. Chemical Bonding and Shapes Of Molecules

6. Oxidation and Reduction

7. States of Matter

8. Chemical Equilibrium 

Section B: Inorganic Chemistry

9. Chemistry Of Non-metals 

10. Chemistry Of Metals

11. Bio-Inorganic Chemistry 

Section C: Organic Chemistry 

12. Basic Concept Of Chemistry 

13. Fundamental Principles Of Organic Chemistry 

14. Hydrocarbons

15. Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Section D: Applied Chemistry 

16. Fundamental Of Applied Chemistry 

17. Modern Chemical Manufactures

Tips for Effective Use of Chemistry Notes

If you want to make proper use of chemistry notes then at first you need to know the reason why we create notes. Notes are created inorder make it easier for exam preparation. While creating a proper note, we only write the important concepts and definitions that are really important from the exam point of view.

Our note only contains the important definitions, reactions and numerical problems that are frequently asked in the exams. Many students just make a note copy and let it be somewhere to open it only when there is exam. You should never do that. You need to learn to use your chemistry notes properly. 

If you are really determined to make proper use of your chemistry notes then you can follow the given tips for effective use of chemistry notes. 

  • Stay Organized: Keep your notes neatly organized by topics or chapters. This makes it easier to locate specific information when you need it.
  • Regular Review: Make it a habit to review your chemistry notes regularly, even if it's just a quick glance. This helps reinforce your understanding of the material.
  • Active Engagement: Don't passively read your notes. Engage with the content by summarizing key points in your own words, asking questions, and creating flashcards for important concepts.
  • Create Concept Maps: Develop concept maps or flowcharts to visualize the connections between different concepts and how they relate to each other.

How to Download Class 11 Chemistry Notes PDF Free 

Some due to various reason we'll be unable to access internet. Even at such condition, we want you to take proper advantage of class 11 chemistry notes. So inorder to make the notes available offline, we have provided the download link of each chapter PDF. 

Inorder to download class 11 notes PDF for free, click on the chapters name from the list given above. When you click on the chapter name, you'll be redirected to our new site ( In that site, you'll get the notes of your desired chapters. 

After you get the notes of the chapter you've been looking for, scroll down and you'll see a 'Get Full Notes' button. Click on that button and you'll be taken to the final page from where you can download the PDF for using it offline.

Since you have learned how to download Class 11 Chemistry notes in PDF for free, we also want you to know that we have worked hard to create these notes and provide them to you. Therefore, whenever you wish to share these notes with your friend, we kindly request you to share the link to the article instead of sharing the Google Drive link directly. 


Which is the most difficult chapter in chemistry class 11?

In class 11 chemistry all the organic parts are considered as the difficult one. Chapters like hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons which falls under organic chemistry are difficult one.

Why is chemistry notes class 11 important?

Class 11 chemistry notes is helpful for exam preparation and for creating notes. It contains all important definitions, reactions and diagram which makes it easier for you to take notes.

Which is the most important chapter in chemistry class 11?

Organic Chemistry is the most important portion of class 11 chemistry. There are 4 chapters under organic chemistry and each are equally important.

Which is the easiest chapter in chemistry?

Foundation and Fundamentals is the most easiest chapter of class 11 chemistry.

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