Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 | Guide Book Of Nepali Class 11

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080

Class 11 Nepali Guide is an essential resource for grade 11 students studying in Nepal. The guide book for class 11 Nepali is designed to help students understand the chapter and solve the exercises given in nepali book. With the recent curriculum change in Nepal, the guide book for Class 11 Nepali has been updated to meet the new standards.

The Class 11 Nepali Guide covers all aspects of the Nepali language, including grammar, vocabulary, and literature. It provides students with the complete chapter-wise solution which can help students to make a proper note. The guide book for class 11 Nepali is an excellent resource for students who want to level up their studies and improve their language skills.

Class 11 Nepali Guide Book 2080 Edition 

As I have mentioned earlier, the guide book of nepali class 11 has been updated according to the latest syllabus of 2080. It means class 11 guide book will contain the solved exercises of all new chapters that has been added in 2080 edition. There are total 12 chapters and the notes of each chapters are given below. 

You can look at the names of chapters from the table given below and click on the Get Notes button next to it inorder the view the notes of that chapter. You'll also be able to download the notes in PDF format. You'll get the downloading link when you click on the download button after visiting the specific Notes.

UnitsName of the ChapterNotes
1Bir Purkha (कविता)Get Notes
2Gauko Maya (सामाजिक कथा)Get Notes
3Sanskriti ko Naya Yatra (आत्मपरक निबन्ध)Get Notes 
4Yogmaya (राष्ट्रिय जीवनी)Get Notes
5SathiLai Chithi (चिठी)Get Notes
6Tyo Feri Farkala (मनोवैज्ञानिक कथा)Get Notes
7Paryatan Samvawana ra Aayam (वस्तुपरक निबन्ध)Get Notes
8Lau Aayo Taja Khabar (लघु नाटक)Get Notes
9Safalta Ko Katha (रिपोर्ताजमूलक रचना)Get Notes
10Krishisala Ma Ek Din (संवाद)Get Notes
11Rara Vramad (दैनिकी)Get Notes
12Jalshrot ra Urja (वक्तृता)Get Notes

Now you have got the chapter-wise notes of class 11 Nepali, you have to utilise it properly. You should go through each chapter carefully before taking notes from the guide. It will be beneficial for students if they take this guide as a reference for taking the notes instead of depending entirely on it.

How Class 11 Nepali Guide Helps Students in their Studies?

The Class 11 Nepali Guide is an important book for students who want to do well in Nepali subject. As this guide contains both exercises and grammar, it can help class 11 students to complete their notes in time without any problem. 

Class 11 Nepali Guide is a great way for students to get prepared for tests and exams. By using the guide book to study and practice what they learn in class, students can do better in their studies.

Whenever you get stucked while solving the exercises, just open the guide and look for the solutions of the questions. However, we don't recommend you to copy the same answers from the guide as it may suppress your creativity. Look at the notes, get the ideas about answering the specific questions and try answering it in your own way.


What is the Class 11 Nepali Guide Book 2080 Edition?

Class 11 Nepali Guide Book 2080 Edition is the collection of notes of all 12 chapters included in the latest syllabus of 2080. It covers grammars, comprehension and literary analysis.

How many chapters are there in Nepali book Class 11?

There are total 12 chapters in class 11 Nepali Book. They are Bir Purkha, Gauko Maya, Sanskriti ko Naya Yatra, Yogmaya, Sathi Lai Chithi, Tyo Feri Farkala, Paryapartatan Ka Sambhavana ra Aayam, Lau Aayo Taja Khabar, Safalta Ko Katha, Krishi Shala Ma Ek Din, Rara Vramad and Jalshrot ra Urja.

Who can use class 11 Nepali guide book?

The Class 11 Nepali Guide Book is specifically designed for Class 11 students, but it can be used by anyone who needs it to improve their Nepali language skills.

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