Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata Class 10 Social Studies Notes | Unit - 3 Nepali Medium

Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata

Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata Class 10 Social Studies Notes. According to the revised social studies book of class 10 nepali medium, Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata is the third unit and this chapter is all about our social origins and beliefs.

The main aims of Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata  unit is to provide students with an understanding of the social origins and beliefs of Nepal and how they shape the country's culture and traditions. It helps to encourages students to appreciate the diversity of Nepalese society and to promote social harmony and understanding.

Hamra Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata Unit has total 8 lessons and they are as follows:

  1. Hamra Rashtriya Sampada
  2. Hamra Lokgeet 
  3. Nepali Lokbaja
  4. Hamra Lok Tatha Sastriye Nritya
  5. Hamra Rastriya Diwash Haru 
  6. AntaRastriya Byaktitwo
  7. BishwaBandhutwa Ra Manavta
  8. Hamro Samajik Dayitwo

We already have uploaded the notes of all eight lessons individually in our site. If you want the question answers of any lessons mentioned above, just click on the name of the lesson and you'll be redirected to next page where you'll find the notes.

Class 10 Social Studies Unit 3 Notes

Class 10 social studies unit 3 notes contains all the important question from all the eight chapters falling under this unit. It doesn’t provide the notes of individual chapters. It has important questions for SEE Exam preparation. 

All the question answers provided in the provided in the PDF given below are collected from exam preparation guide book. So, it is very important for grade 10 students who are preparing for their upcoming exams.

Note: Scroll the PDF to view all solutions

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If Hamara Samajik Mulya Ra Manyata Class 10 Social Studies Notes were helpful to you then feel free to share this notes with your friends and classmates so that they can also get the benefit.

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