Optical Illusion: Can you Spot the Dice with 7 Dots within 13 Seconds?

Do you have a sharp eye? If yes then findings objects from the optical illusion picture must be easy for you, isn't it? Today, I have brought an interesting optical illusion picture for you.

In this optical illusion your job is to find the dice that has 7 dots instead of one. The task seems easy when you hear it but when you actually try it, you'll find it harder than expected. 

Now I didn't mean that it will be difficult for everyone. The one who haven't played any optical illusion games or haven't seen any optical illusion picture then it might tbe difficult for them.

Find the Dice with 7 Dots within 13 Seconds 

Find the Dice with 7 Dots within 13 Seconds

As you can see in the optical illusion picture above, there are many dices in the picture. Generally, a Dice has 6 sides and each side contain dots. There are one or many dots on each side ranging from 1-6. But, here is a twist. In one of the dice, there are 7 dots instead of 6 and your job is to spot the dice containing 7 dots.

This optical illusion will help you to boost your vision power as you'll concentrating deeply and trying to find out the dice with seven dots. If you were able to find tbe dice within short period of time then it represents that you have sharp vision.

While finding the dice having 7 dots, you need to follow certain rules because we want to make it little challenging for you. The rules are not too hard. These rules will just create some limitations and because of them we will be able to judge, how smart you are.

Rules For Solving Optical illusion 

  • You can't scroll down until you have an answer ready. 
  • You only have 13 seconds to spot out the dice with seven dots.

Did You Spot the Dice having 7 Dots?

Now the time has been over, let's me ask you, did you spot the dice having 7 dots. If your answer is yes then please let me know in the comment, in how many seconds were you able to spot out the dice with 7 dots.

If you still haven't been able to spot the dice with seven dots then I can help you by giving some hints. Now the hints is that, the dice having 7 dots are at the bottom side of the picture. Try looking from tbe left bottom side.

Did you find it? I guess yes. 

Let's confirm our answer by looking at the pictures given below. 

Optical illusion - Dice with 7 Dots Solved

Optical illusion - Dice with 7 Dots Solved

As you can see the dice that have been circled. It contain 7 dots. There are no any other dice having seven dots. It is the only one in this optical illusion. Was this your answer too?  Well congratulation! to all the winners who have successfully spotted the dice containing 7 dots. 

We hope that you had fun while finding the dice having seven dots. If you really think this article was fun then feel free to share this with your friends so that they can also enjoy this.

If you want to try out more optical illusion challenges then there are lots of optical illusion challenges available in our site such as finding out the hidden bunny or you can also try out optical illusion where you'll be asked to spot out the difference between the pictures.

I'll be back soon with such interesting optical illusion challenges till then you can try any other optical illusion challenges that we have posted before.

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