Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Class 10 Social Studies Notes | Unit - 4 Nepali Medium

Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Class 10 Social Studies Notes

Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Class 10 Social Studies Notes. Recently, class 10 course has been updated and some new chapters has been added while some have been removed. So it has been a challenging task for students to find updated notes online. 

We are trying our best to update all the notes according to the latest syllabus and today we have brought the complete notes of class 10 social studies fourth unit which is entitled as Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan. It is known as Social Problem and Solutions in english. In this unit we'll study about all the social problems that are hindering the development of the society. 

Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Unit has contains of total 7 chapter and they are as follows:

  1. Manab Bechbikhan: Ek Gambhir Samajik Samasya
  2. Youn Bikriti Ra Bisangiti
  3. Gharelu Hinsa
  4. Samajik Bikritika Roopma Bhrashtachar
  5.  Andhabiswas Hatau
  6. Samajik Samasya Ko Pahichan ra Samasya Samadhan Sip
  7. Samajik Samasya Samadhanma Aantarashrtiya Sangsasthako Bhumika

We already have uploaded the notes of all seven lessons and you can acceess all the notes chapter-wise by clicking on the names of chapter listed above. When you click on the name of the lesson then you'll be redirected to next page where you'll find the complete notes of that chapter. 

Class 10 Social Studies Unit 4 Notes

As I already mentioned, there are total 7 lessons under this unit and you can find the notes of each individual chapters above. In addition to the chapter wise notes we decided to provide the collection of question of Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Unit. 

Just below this paragraph, we have embedded a PDF file which contains all the important question of all 7 chapters included in Class 10 Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Unit. This PDF contains some of the questions which are not provided in chapter-wise notes. 

Note: Scroll the PDF to view all solutions

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Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Class 10 Social Studies Notes PDF contains 13 slides which contain all short question answers, long question answers and both objective and subjective questions collected from all seven chapters. 

All the images contained in this PDF are collected from the internet and it is believed that they are the pictures of class 10 social guide book. We have shared this PDF just for educational purposes and the copyright belongs to their respective owners. 

You can buy the guide book of class 10 social studies to get complete chaperwise notes of each and every unit. We highly recommend class 10 students to buy social studies guide if they want to perform better in SEE Examination. 

If Samajik Samasya Ra Samadhan Class 10 Social Studies Notes were helpful to you then feel free to share this notes with your friends and classmates so that they can also get the benefit.

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