Can You Find the Mistake in Just 7 Seconds? Number Edition

We all love finding hidden messages or objects and we have played many games related to it. But have you ever played any games where you are asked to spot the mistake from the optical illusion picture? If you haven't then don't worry we are going to play now.

In this article we have came with another 7 second challenge. So let's start

Can You Find the Mistake in Just 7 Seconds? 

Here, today's article we have came with another Optical illusion. This one is just like our previous optical illusion.

If you haven't seen yet, click the link:- Optical Illusion Challenge

The rules are very simple you have to you have to find the mistake in just 7 second. Are you ready? Here's the Picture.

Can you spot the mistake in just 7 seconds? The challenge may seems simple after seeing the image but it is not that easy. More than 90% people have failed to find the mistake in just 7 seconds.

You must sharpen your senses if you want to complete the challenge in 7 seconds. Have you find the mistake? The time is running....

Don't get sad if you could spot the mistake in the given time, we are always here to help you out. Here let us give you a little hint.


If you find it in just 7 second then congrats, Your are among 10% who find the mistake in the given picture and comment down below in how many second did you find the mistake.

For those who can't find the mistake there is the hint for you. So while finding the mistake don't look at the sentence because there is no any mistakes in the sentence. 

Instead look at the numbers. Try to look for the weird looking number. You have to observe very carefully to find the mistake.

Mistake Revealed

As mentioned in the hints above the mistakes are not in the sentence but in the number given below. And also mention to look for the weird looking number. Let's see what's the mistake there.

Here if you look closely to the Number '8' the upper circle is little larger than bottom. Which means it is not '8' instead it just two circle '〇' 'ο' in the shape of '8'. Here is the Picture to find out,

It is just a shape of 8 made with two circle.

The riddle was too easy, isn't it? If you like playing more optical illusion riddles like this then you can try out other optical illusion challenges available on our site.

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