Class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF (Nepali Medium)

Class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF

We all use smartphones, and it has made our lives super easy. Specially for students smartphone has been a part of their learning. Students can easily access notebooks as well as the solutions PDF. For example, they can access class 10 science book PDF class 10 science book PDF without opening a book.

All class 10 students who are studying in public school might have to face the shortage of books because the number of students will be more, but the books will be limited. Class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF can help students access the content of class 10 maths books easily even if they don't have a physical copy of the book.

Class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF or we can simply call it class 10 Maths book PDF is a collection of entire chapters included in the upgraded compulsory mathematics 2080. The mathematics book PDF that we are going to provide in this article is for Nepali Medium students. It means all the students who are studying in public school can use this mathematics book PDF for their convenience. 

Students can easily download class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF 2080 and save it in their device to use it anywhere at any time. The downloading process is very simple, and we believe that you already know how to download the PDF. In case if you don't know, then we'll discuss it later on.

Class 10 Maths Book PDF 2080 (Nepali Medium)

Class 10 Maths Book PDF 2080 (Nepali Medium) was officially released by the government of Nepal for public school students. It was released for the convenience of students. It will help students to access the content of the book even in the condition of book shortage. One of the best things about the class 10 Maths book PDF is that it is completely free of cost.

The PDF contains each and every chapters including the exercises and some solved numericals of the class 10 mathematics book of Nepali medium published by the Nepal government. The PDF contains 312 slides in total, and you can view all these slides just by scrolling down.

If the PDF is not being loaded or you are facing any problems while accessing the PDF, then we request you to leave us a comment describing your problem. 

How to Download Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF?

We have provided the class 10 mathematics book PDF according to the latest syllabus of 2080 so that student can access it easily wherever they want at any time. Sometimes, we lose Internet access, and in such a condition, it is impossible to access the book pdf, so we wanted you to download the PDF and use it offline even if you are travelling. 

If you don't know the correct process of downloading mathematics book PDF, then you can follow the simple steps given below. 

  1. Locate the PDF you want to download. 
  2. Click on the arrow button located at the top right corner of the PDF.
  3. A new window will get opened. Click on 3 dots.
  4. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on download. 
  5. After clicking on download, a pop-up downloading bar will appear. 

Once your downloading process is completed, you have to open your file manager and find the PDF you recently downloaded. Click on that PDF, and it will ask you to choose a PDF viewer. You can choose any PDF viewer available on your device and click on it. After that, the PDF of the science book will be opened.

You can even open the Web browser, click on 3 dots, and select downloads to find the PDF you just have downloaded. Finding the PDF file from the browser is easier than finding it from the file manager. 


Class 10 Compulsory Mathematics Book PDF for Nepali Medium (Updated Syllabus 2080) will be very useful to all class 10 students whenever they need to access the book but don't have the book with them. Class 10 compulsory mathematics book PDF was shared for educational purposes, and we don't own them. All the rights belong to their representative publications. 

If the class 10 compulsory mathematics book PDF was helpful to you, then you could share the PDF with your friends and classmates. It will be a great help for them as well as for us. You can also leave your suggestions in the comment if you have any.

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