Class 10 Science Book PDF English Medium (Updated Syllabus 2080)

Class 10 Science Book PDF English Medium. If you are currently studying in class 10 then you must be using Internet and other technologies to increase your knowledge and understanding, isn't it? If so then you may like to open your book in your phone instead of opening physical book.

Some of us may not have science book with us due to various reasons. It may be due to shortage of books or may be you are travelling and your book are at home. Not matters what your situation is, class 10 science book PDF can help you.  

You can easily access class 10 science book PDF 2080 at anytime you want. You can even download the PDF for using it offline.

Class 10 Science Book PDF English Medium

Class 10 Science Book PDF English Medium

Different school uses books of different publications. This goes same with class 10 science book. There are books of many publications available in the book store and your school may be using any one of them. So it has been difficult for us to provide the science book PDF of only one publications. That's why we have decided to provide you the PDF of all publications available. 

We have listed the science book PDF of all publications. You can download the book PDF of any publications you want. All the books PDF provided in this article are only for english medium students. If you are Nepali medium students then you can check out class 10 science book PDF Nepali Medium. 

CDC Class 10 Science Book PDF

If you are studying in public school or your school is using the book published by CDC then this PDF is specifically for you.

You can scroll the PDF to view all individual chapters. You can even download the PDF for using it offline. If you don't know how to download the PDF then you will find all the required instructions at the end of this article. 

JBL Publication Science Book

If your school is using science book from JBL publications then you can access the PDF given below. The link given below will redirect you to any flip from where you can get the book PDF. Inorder to view other chapters, you just need to flip the pages like you normally do with a physical book.

Downloading the flip book is not possible, so you can only view it. The reason why you can't download the PDF because it is in the form of flipbook. It will ask you to login inorder to download the flip book but when you get logged in it will say that the download has been limited and it won't allow you to download the file.

How to download science book PDF?

We have provided class 10 science book PDF so that they can access it anywhere at anytime. But it is impossible to get Internet access everytime specifically if you are travelling. That's why we want you to download the book PDF and save it in your device. 

If you don't know the process of downloading the PDF then you can follow the simple steps given below. 

  1. Locate the PDF you want to download. 
  2. Click on arrow button located at the top right corner of the PDF.
  3. A new window will get opened. Click on 3 dots.
  4. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on download. 
  5. After clicking on download a pop-up downloading bar will appear. 

Once your downloading process is completed, you have to open your file manager and find the PDF you recently have download. Click on that PDF and it will ask you to choose PDF viewer. You can choose any PDF viewer available on your device and click on. After that the PDF of science book will get opened.

You can even open the Web browser, click on 3 dots and select downloads to find the PDF you just have downloaded. Finding the PDF file from the browser is easier than finding it from the file manager. 


Class 10 Science Book PDF for English Medium (Updated Syllabus 2080) will be very useful to all class 10 students whenever they need to access the book but don't have the book with them. Class 10 science book PDF was shared for educational purpose and we don't own them. All the rights belongs to their representative publications. 

If class 10 science book PDF was helpful to you then you can share the PDF with your friends and classmates. It will be a great help for them as well as for us. You can also leave your suggestions in the comment if you have any.

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