NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide 2080 | All Chapter Notes, Exercises, Solutions

NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide

All class 12 students who are preparing for Board examination must be trying their hard to create a proper notes so that they can study during the exam time. Having a well managed notes is very much important for securing a good marks in your examination. In such case NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide will be very much helpful for you.

Now you may be surprised, what exactly does NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide contains. Don't be so surprised. I'll tell you everything. Neb class 12 chemistry Guide contains all chapters notes, exercises, solutions as well as some important questions for board exam preparation. 

By using NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide you'll be able to complete your notes in time, practise model questions and get well prepared for your board examination. So class 12 chemistry notes is one of the most needed study material for grade 12 students who have taken science stream.

NEB Class 12 Chemistry Guide 2080

As mentioned earlier class 12 chemistry Guide or let's say NEB class 12 chemistry notes contains all chapters-wise notes, Model questions as well as some practise questions. All the notes are handwritten and you'll get them in PDF format. You can even save the PDF in your device to use it offline. 

The table given below contains all the chapter names of class 12 chemistry according to the updated syllabus of 2080. The chapter are listed in sequential order as given in your textbook. You have to click on the name of the chapter from the given table to get the handwritten notes of that chapter. 


All the notes are available in handwritten format. We have work hard to create all these notes and we hope that you'll help us by sharing the notes with your friends. We are currently adding all the notes and we would like to apologise to you if some notes are missing. 

Section A: General and Physical Chemistry

S.N Title
 1 Volumetric Analysis
 2 Ionic Equilibrium 
 3 Chemical Kinetics
 4 Chemical Thermodynamics
 5  Electrochemistry

Section B: Inorganic Chemistry

 6  Transition Metal
 7  Studies of heavy metals

Section C: Organic Chemistry

 8 Haloalkanes
 9 Haloarenes
 10 Alcohols
 11 Phenols
 12 Ethers
 13 Aldehydes and Ketones
 14 Carboxylic Acids
 15 Nitrocompounds
 16 Amines
 17 Organometallic Compound

Section D: Applied Chemistry

 18 Chemistry in Service to Mankind
 19 Cement
 20 Paper & Pulp
 21 Nuclear chemistry and
application of radioactivity

We want all students of grade 12 to use our chemistry guide wisely. We have provided these notes to help students in their studies and we hope that you'll use it for the same purpose. All the notes uploaded in this site are owned by and no-one is allowed to republish these notes for any commercial purpose. 

What we study in class 12 chemistry?

Class 12 chemistry contains total 21 chapter and all these chapters are divided in four different sections. They are divided according to the class of chemistry such as organic, Inorganic, general and applied chemistry. You already have came to know the names of all chapters falling under each sections from the table given below. 

To remind you again, in class 12 chemistry well study about Volumetric Analysis, Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics and other so many chapters. We'll gain the main concepts of the chapter main topic and after that we'll study about the other subtopics falling under it.

We will also practise different short questions answers, long questions answers as well as numericals which will help you to boost your knowledge. Each chapters contains solved questions answers as well as numerical which gives you the hint for solving other questions provided for your practice. 


1. Which chapter is most important in chemistry class 12?

In class 12 chemistry, organic portion is the most important sections. All the chapters falling under organic chemistry suchbas Haloalkanes, Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Amines etc are the most important chapter from exam point of view. If you attempts all the organic portion then you'll surely score good marks.

2. Which is the hardest chapter in chemistry?

Organic Chemistry is the most hardest chapter in class 12 chemistry and it is only the chapter carrying highest marks. Organic chemistry consists of all the reactions, molecular formulas, IUPAC names, conversion and so on due to which students finds it difficult as compared to other chapters. 

3. Which part of chemistry is easy?

General and Physical Chemistry is the easiest part of chemistry. It doesn’t contains tough formulas and chemical reactions like in organic chemistry. You just have to read few laws and the drawbacks and the advantages of those laws. The definition and laws are very short and you'll easily remember them if you read them once or twice. 

4. How to easily pass chemistry?

There are no any certain rules or magical tricks to make you pass in chemistry without any hardwork. All your grades and the marks you obtain in your examination totally depends on your hardwork. However, you can follow some tips which might help you to study effectively. 

You should always make the habit of asking questions to your teacher if you don't understand any topic. Make proper notes and revise each and every topic at home every day that you have studied during the class. This will help you to increase your memorising power. 

5. How many hours should I study for chemistry?

All students have different skills and their understanding skills or way of grabing information differs. Some can memorise after reading it once while some can't even memorize a single sentence even after studying several times. Depending on your knowledge and skill the study hours differs but in average student should study two hours for each lecture hour and one hour for each lab hour each week.

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