NEB Class 12 English Guide | All Chapter Questions Answers and Summary

NEB Class 12 English Guide

Class 12 students students had to face board examination which will be conducted by NEB. So it is compulsory for students to prepare proper notes for exam preparation. Class 12 English Guide 2080 is a collection of notes of all chapters of class 12 English book which will be beneficial for class 12 students. 

NEB Class 12 English Guide contains proper notes of each and every question answers and summary of all chapters. Not only that, class 12 compulsory english guide includes the summary of all stories, essays and poems in nepali language too. It will help students to understand the chapter properly. 

NEB Class 12 Guide has been updated according to the latest syllabus of 2080 and covers all necessary solutions which is needed for the preparation of board examination. 

Class 12 English Chapter-Wise Notes Collection 

Class 12 English book is divided into two sections i.e sections I and sections II. Section One is the part of language development and it consists of 20 chapters in total. While on the other hand section two is the literature part which is further divided into short stories, poems, essays and one act plays.

There are total 7 short stories, 5 Poems, 5 Essays and 3 One Act Plays. We have listed all the notes in sequential order according to class 12 english book. You can click on exercise to get the questions answers and click on summary to get the summary of that chapter in both English and Nepali Language. 

Section I: Language Development

Language Development sections consists of 20 chapters in total. Unfortunately, we haven't added the notes of any chapters of Section I: Language Development. We will update them very soon.

1Critical ThinkingExercise
6Money and EconomyExercise
8Human CultureExercise
9Ecology and Environment Exercise
10Career OpportunitiesExercise
12Animal WorldExercise
14Human RightsExercise
15Leisure and EntertainmentExercise
17War and PeaceExercise
18Music and CreationExercise
19Migration and DiasporaExercise
20Power and PoliticsExercise

Section II: Literature

As mentioned earlier, the literature sections consists of short stories, poems, essays and one act plays. You can find all the notes of literature sections below. 

Short Stories

1NeighboursGet Notes
2A Respectable WomanGet Notes
3A Devoted SonGet Notes
4The Treasure in the ForestGet Notes
5My Old HomeGet Notes
6The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and
the Slowly Sinking Sun
Get Notes
7A Very Old Man with Enormous WingsGet Notes


1A DayExercise
2Every Morning I WakeExercise
3I Was My Own RouteExercise
4The Awakening AgeExercise
5Soft StormExercise


1On Libraries Get Notes
2Marriage as a Social InstitutionGet Notes
3Knowledge and WisdomGet Notes
4HumilityGet Notes
5Human Rights and the Age of InequalityGet Notes

One-act Plays

1A Matter of HusbandsExercise
2Facing Death Exercise
3The BullExercise

If the links are not working then you comment down which link is not working and we will fix then as soon as we receive any comments. 

Class 12 English Guide was designed with a sole purpose of helping class 12 students who wants to complete their notes and study for their upcoming board examination. We hope that you'll utilise this guide properly for your study.

You can bookmark this page or add it to your home screen inorder to access it easily. If this guide was helpful to you then feel free to comment your opinion and don't forget to share it with your friends and classmates. 

How to Download Chapter-Wise Notes?

You can easily get access to the chapter-wise notes by clicking on Get Notes or Exercise from the table given above. However, we haven't mentioned anything about downloading the chapter-wise notes till now.

Sometimes due to the lack of internet connection we may not be able to view the notes of class 12 english. If that happens then students cannot utilise the notes that we have provided. So inorder to solve that problem we want you to download the notes and save them.

When you download class 12 english chapter-wise notes then you can view them even if you are offline. It means you can study at any time you want. You don't need to wait for proper Internet anymore.

You may already have noticed that we haven't provided any download button in our notes and summary. Does it mean you can't download the notes? No, it's not true. You can easily download our notes and summary, but how? Let me explain it to you.

We don't the the PDF of the notes to provide you the download link of the PDF. So, we haven't provided the download button. However, you can download it by using your browser. Inorder to download our notes, follow the simple steps given below. 

Before you proceed to the downloading steps, make sure you are using browser like chrome, or UC browser. 

Step 1: Open the notes in Web Browser.

Open the notes in Web Browser

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots located at the top right corner. 

Click on 3 dots

Step 3: When you click on 3 dots, a pop-up window will appear. From that window, click on download arrow located at the top of that window. 

Click on download

Step 4: A pop-up downloading notification will appear as shown in the picture given below which indicates that your downloading has started. 

Downloading will be started

Now your notes has successfully been downloaded. You can click on open notes to view your notes when you are offline. You can find the downloaded notes in your browser. Inorder to view your downloaded notes you just have to go to the downloads option by clicking on the 3 dots like in the step 2.

Downloading process is same for all chapters notes. If you are using different browsers then the downloading steps may be somehow different then the mentioned steps. I think you can figure out that much by yourself. 

If you are facing any problems while downloading the chapter-wise notes from our site then you can comment down or you can join our telegram channel to get in contact with our team.

We hope that you'll utilise class 12 english guide for your better study. You can share this guide with your friends and classmates so that they can also be able to use our guide and complete their notes in time.

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