Test Your Skill : Can You Spot The Mistake in 7 Second ?

Optical illusion challenge have came so far. We all enjoy mind games, optical illusions. In this article we have, Can you spot the mistake in 7-seconds ? Don't worry 7 seconds is enough to find the mistake. It's interesting to find the mistake. Let's test, How precise and sharp your eye look for detail. Let's start,

Can You Spot The Mistake in 7 Second?

Here, today's article we have came with this kitchen Optical illusion. This is one of the easiest optical illusion till in this Optical Illusion Challenge. And if you are afraid that 7 second is very less time, don't worry it is enough. 

Here/s the image,

Can You Spot The Mistake in 7 Second?

Finding things in Optical Illusion is not just a game. Spotting small details in Optical Illusion also help in sharpening your eye, And helps to train your mind to observe things in detail. This illusion is not just about your vision power this is also about your IQ how you can think quickly. So can you spot mistake  from the picture given above?

This is a challenge for you, so try to give your 100% best. The task is very simple as always, just look at the images given above, observe and find out mistake. You have to find out the mistake within 7 seconds.  

Have you find the mistake? The time is running....


If you are unable to spot the mistake in 7 seconds then  Let us help you, this optical illusion is not just about your sharp eye. It is also about your common sense. 

If you rush yourself then you'll only make mistake. So while finding the mistake don't look for the bigger mistake. Instead look for small and look the detailed of the things around. 

You haven't find it yet? Don't worry this is another hint which will absolutely help you to spot the mistake. Look at the utensils which seems unusual and weird. Use your common sense, you will find it.

Mistake Revealed

After all these Hint, If  you are still unable to spot the mistake in the given above picture. Don't worry we have backup for this also.

As I already mention in the hint that observe for the utensils which looks weird and unusual. I was addressing to the Teapot which is located to the right side of that girl. Look closely and give attention to the design of that Teapot. Isn't it weird to have it's spout that lower? 

Here is the Picture for your better understanding,

Mistake Revealed

Isn't it little lower then usual. And that's the mistake in this optical illusion.

The riddle was too easy, isn't it? If you like playing more optical illusion riddles like this then you can try out other optical illusion challenges available on our site. And dont forget if you have spot the mistake under 7 second.

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