NEB Class 12 Computer Science Notes | All Chapter Complete Exercises

NEB Class 12 Computer Science Notes

NEB Class 12 Computer Science Notes is a collection of notes of all chapters included in the latest syllabus of 2080. You have landed in the perfect place if are searching for class 12 computer science notes. Class 12 Computer Science Notes also called Computer Science Guide contains all the notes of each and every chapter.

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New Syllabus of Class 12 Computer Science (2080)

As a class 12 student, you need to know the syllabus of every subject before you start preparing for your test or exams. When you open any book, you'll find the syllabus of that subject either at the front page or the back page. Knowing the syllabus will provide you clear idea on what topics are important and what not.

If yo haven't looked at the syllabus of class 12 Computer Science yet then let's discuss about the syllabus. According to the updated syllabus of 2080, class 12 computer science has been divided into 7 sections which are named as content section. Each content section contains many sub contents which are listed below. 

1. Database Management System (DBMS)

  • Introduction to data, database, Database system, DBMS
  • Field, Record, Objects, Primary Key, Alternate
  • Key, Candidate key
  • Advantages of using DBMS
  • DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • Database Model: Network Model, Hierarchical Model, Relational database model
  • Concept of Normalization: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF Centralized Vs Distributed Database
  • Database Security

2. Data Communication and Networking

  • Basic elements of Communication System
  • Concept of Communication System
  • Block Diagram of communication System /Model Elements of Data
  • Communication/Transmission Simplex, Half duplex and Full duplex
  • Communication mode 
  • Concept of LAN and WAN Transmission Medium: Guided and Unguided 
  • Transmission impairments terminology (Jitter, Singing, Echo, Crosstalk, Distortion, Noise, Bandwidth, Number of receivers)
  • Basic concept of Networks Architecture
  • ClientServer and Peer-to-peer O Some Basic Terms and Tool Used in Computer Network: IP Address, Sub Net Mask and Gateway,
  • MAC address, Internet, Intranet, Extranet 1 Network Tool: Packet tracer, Remote Login
  • Network Connecting Devices: NIC, Modem, router, switch
  • Network Topologies: Bus, Ring and star topology
  • Basic Concept OSI Reference Model
  • Internet Protocol Addressing

3. Web Technology II 

  • Introduction
  • Server side and Client Side Scripting
  • Introduction of internet technology
  • Adding Java script to HTML page
  • Java script fundamental
  • Java Script Data types
  • Variables and operators
  • Functions and control structure if-else, if-elseif, switch-case, for, while, do while loop Object based programming with Java Script and Event handling
  • Image, event and form objects
  • Form validation, JQuery
  • Server Side Scripting using PHP
  • Introduction to PHP: Hardware and Software
  • Requirements
  • Object oriented programming with server side
  • Scripting 
  • Basic PHP syntax
  • PHP data types
  • Basic Programming in PHP
  • Operators (Arithmetic, logical, comparison, operator precedence)
  • Variables Manipulation
  • Database Connectivity
  • Connecting server side script to database
  • Making SQL queries
  • Fetching data sets getting data about data
  • Creating SQL database with server side scripting 
  • Displaying queries in tables

4. Programming in C

  • Review of C programming concept Functions
  • Concept of library and user defined functions and advantages
  • function definition, prototype, call and return statements
  • Accessing a Function by passing values
  • Concept of storage: automatic and external
  • Concept of Recursion: factorial and Fibonacci problems
  • Structures and Unions
  • Structure: Definition, Declaration, Initialization and Size of Structure.
  • Accessing member of structure
  • Array of structure
  • Union: Definition, Declaration
  • Difference between union and structure
  • Pointers
  • Definition of Pointer
  • Address (&) and indirection (*) operator
  • Pointer Expression and Assignment
  • Call by values and call by reference
  • Working with Files
  • Concept of Data File
  • Sequential and Random File
  • File manipulation function: putw, getw, putc, getc, fscanf, fprintf
  • Opening, Reading, Writing and Appending data file

5. Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)

  • Programming paradigms: procedural, structural and object oriented
  • Features of OOP: Class, Object, Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Advantages of OOP
  • Application of OOP

6. Software Process Model (SPM)

  • Software Project Concept
  • Concept of software development process
  • Concept SDLC life cycle
  • System Analyst Vs Software Engineer
  • Requirement Collection Methods
  • Software and quality
  • Concept of system design Software development model: waterfall, prototype, agile

7. Recent Trends in Technology 

  • Concept of Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Robotics
  • Concept of Cloud Computing
  • Concept of Big Data
  • Concept of Virtual Reality
  • Concept of e-com, e-medicine, e-gov.
  • Concept of Mobile Computing Concept of Internet of things (IoT)

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