Summary of The Treasure in the Forest by HG Wells | Class 12 English Summary

Summary of The Treasure in the Forest

Class 12 The Treasure in the Forest (by HG Wells) Summary in both English and Nepali. This summary will help you to understand the main theme of the story very easily. Summary of The Treasure in the Forest can also make students capable of answering different types of questions that are asked in the exercise.

In this article, we have only provided the summary of the story so if you want to get the notes i.e questions answers of 'The Treasure in the Forest' then you can get it by clicking here (Get Notes).

About the Author 

HG Wells

H. G. Wells, full Herbert George Wells, (1866-1946) was an English novelist, journalist, sociologist, and historian, best known for such science fiction novels. His first novel, The Time Machine (1895) was immediately successful, and so he added a series of science fiction novels that revealed him as a writer of marked originality and an immense richness of ideas. 

His science fiction novels include The Wonderful Visit (1895), The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896), The Invisible Man (1897), The War of the Worlds (1898), The First Men in the Moon (1901), and The Food of the Gods (1904). He also wrote many short stories, which were collected in The Stolen Bacillus (1895), The Plattner Story (1897), and Tales of Space and Time (1899). This story is taken from the collection The Country of the Blind and other Short Stories.

'The Treasure in the Forest' is an ominous adventure story in which two men search for Spanish treasure, letting greed get the better of their awareness. As the story moves ahead to show how power and greed corrupt human beings.

Main Plot

Evans and Hooker want to be rich, so they go on a treasure hunt in a forest. They don't prepare well for the journey and ignore warnings about the dangers ahead. As they move deeper into the forest, they face many problems, but their greed makes them ignore the danger. They become trapped and unable to escape. Their greed causes them to fail in their quest for wealth.


  1. Evan: A tall and thin man with a sharp nose and a prominent Adam's apple. He is one of the treasure hunters and is described as having a dreamy disposition.
  2. Hooker: The other treasure hunter who is short, has a gruff voice and a blunt nose. He is more practical and down-to-earth as compared to Evan.
  3. Chang-Li: A Chinese man who Evan and Hooker encounter on the mainland. He is the one who provided a map leading to treasure on the island and tells them about the dangers they will face.
  4. The dead man: A mysterious figure found on the island. He appears to be the previous treasure hunter who have died from poisoning.
  5. The natives: No any brief description given in the story but the natives of the island are mentioned several times throughout the story. They are described as being fierce and potentially dangerous.

Central Theme of the Story 

The main message of "The Treasure in the Forest" is to warn us about the dangers of taking risks without proper preparation. It teaches us the importance of getting ready before we embark on any adventure or task. The story shows us that being greedy can lead to destructive consequences. 

It reminds us to pay attention and understand things well before making decisions. If we don't, we could end up with bad results like the characters Evans and Hooker. 

Overall, the story tells us that greed is a big enemy that can harm us, and it also reveals the weaknesses associated with money and wealth.

The Treasure in the Forest Class 12 Summary 

The Treasure in the Forest is a story of mystery and suspense that has been written by an American writer H. G. Wells. This story has presented the destructive consequences of greed and power as its major theme. This story opens with the scene of two Englishmen's voyage in their small canoe. Both of them are near to the island. 

Both of them seem quite tired and thirsty after their whole night's voyage. They have an old yellow coloured map related to the treasure. They discuss the treasure by pointing at the map first. They confirm three palm trees and the blue star's location as the exact place of the treasure. They get confused about the sharp dots on the map which seem like pieces of glass or teeth. Both of them need water badly. 

Evans sees a dream sitting in a boat. He sees a dream about their jungle incident where they come to know about the Spanish treasure and the act of hiding treasure on the island by Chang-hi alone. He sees himself killing Chang-hi and snatching a map from him. Later, he sees Chang-hi in the terrible form of a vast devil with a big black tail. He becomes fearful to see Chang-hi's terrible and mysterious smile.

Later, both Evans and Hooker drink cold and fresh water in the river. They move ahead on the island chopping the bushes. They find a Chinese man's dead body and the gold treasure behind the bushes. Evans moves inside the hole and starts collecting heavy gold bars in his coat whereas Hooker becomes fearful about the Chinese man's dead body and his surroundings. 

Evans gets pricked by little thorns inside the hole twice while collecting gold bars. He asks Hooker to help him. He feels pain in his arms and neck. Both of them pull the heavy coat out of the hole. As they move ahead, Evans stops twice due to pain. 

He keeps his distance from Hooker and stands against a tree. Hooker feels restless in this situation. As he picks the last gold bar, he also feels pain in his finger due to thorn. He sees Evans trembling with pain. Evans becomes motionless. Finally, he also feels pain and starts trembling.

The Treasure in the Forest Class 12 Summary in Nepali

While reading the story by HG Well you might not be able to understand the story clearly. It is very necessary to understand the properly before you answer any questions. Unless you understand the main theme of the chapter you won't be able to solve any questions. For us, it much more easier to understand the summary of any story and peoms in nepali rather than in english. 

So if you want to the summary of 'The Treasure in the Forest' in nepali then you can listen to the audio embedded below. This audio provides you the complete summary of the story and you'll be able to understand the story very easily.

Listen to The Treasure in the Forest Summary

If you have less time then you can use the features to control the playback speed of the audio. You can easily change the audio speed by clicking the 3 dots given at the right side of the player. You can also download the audio if you want to listen it when you are offline. 

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Analysis & Interpretation

  • The story warns us about the dangers of being too greedy and taking risks without preparation.
  • Evans and Hooker's quest for treasure shows how greed can lead to bad decisions and risks.
  • The characters' lack of preparation and disregard for warnings represent their overconfidence and arrogance.
  • The challenges they face symbolize the dangers of unchecked greed.
  • Their inability to recognize the danger shows how greed can blind us to potential consequences.
  • Their failure and entrapment demonstrate the consequences of unchecked greed.
  • The story teaches us to be humble, prepared, and avoid the dangers of greed.
  • It reminds us that wealth can be a weakness, leading us away from more meaningful pursuits.
  • Overall, "The Treasure in the Forest" shows us the dangers of greed and the importance of balance, humility, and preparedness.
In summary, the story teaches us to be careful and avoid being too greedy. It reminds us to prepare well and not take unnecessary risks. The story shows us that wealth and material possessions can be a weakness and lead us astray from more important things. It provides a lesson about the importance of balance, humility, and preparedness in pursuing our goals and avoiding the pitfalls of greed.
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