SEE Routine 2080 | Class 10 SEE Exam Routine 2080

Secondary Eduacation Examination (SEE) Routine 2080 has finally been published by NEB Rastriya Pariksha Board. If you are grade 10 students then you should start getting prepared for your upcoming SEE Examination as soon as you can.

According to the decision of Nepal Rastriya Pariksha Board SEE Examination is going to be start from chaitra 15. The National Examination Board has decided to conduct the Secondary Education Examination from Chaitra 15 to Chaitra 27 after a meeting was held on Chaitra 10.

All the details of SEE Examination 2080 are provided below. At the end of this article we'll also share some of the important tricks to remember anything 10x faster which you can use to prepare for SEE Exam 2080. You can also browse our SEE Model Question Collection 2080 to view previous year SEE Exam Question Model. 

Class 10 NEB Exam Routine 2080

Class 10 NEB Exam Routine 2080

Important Notice:

Even if there is an emergency holiday, the examination won't be postponed without prior notice to the National Examination Board Examination Control Office Class 10.

The examination for the regular and Grade Increment groups will be conducted simultaneously as per the provided schedule. The participants of the Technical and Grade Increment examinations will also be situated in the examination center along with the regular examinees of the respective schools.

Admit card will be mandatory to enter the exam hall.

The information about the examination centers will be from the respective Education Development Directorate and Education Development and Coordination Units.
Candidates who do not participate in the examination according to the specified center and schedule will not be given another arrangement for the examination.

The exam should be given from the symbol number mentioned in the admit card. Change of symbol number mentioned in admit card It won’t happen. If the exam is given in the code number, the exam will be canceled automatically.

The head of the center coordinated with the concerned schools for the facilitation of the disabled examinees to give the SEE Necessary arrangements should be made.

There will be no change in the examination center of both the regular and grade enhancement groups.

If anything regarding the examination is not clear, you can contact the National Examination Board, Examination Control Office Class 10, Sanothimi phone number 6630739 & 6630070. This information can also be viewed on the National Examination Board website: and Examination Control Office Class 10 website:

When filling out the registration examination application form, examinees must ensure that the date of birth and the spelling of the name and surname listed matches the control list supplied by this office. It is required that the form be sent to the office promptly. Otherwise, revisions can only be made within 6 months of the publication of the information, provided the required documentation is supplied.

If the date of birth and name spelling mentioned in the form by the examinee while filling the registration/examination form is different from the control list provided by this office; It is requested that the relevant school must send the revised details within 2080 Baishakh end through the relevant education development and coordination unit or directly to this office. Otherwise, within 6 months from the date of publication of the said details, the revision will be done only on the basis of the specified documents.

SEE 2080 Notice
SEE 2080 Notice

SEE Preparation Model Questions Collection 2080

The SEE Preparation Model Questions Collection for 2080 is an essential resource for students preparing for the upcoming SEE examinations. This collection includes more than 100 model questions, hand-picked from past examinations, with detailed explanations and solutions. The questions are organized by subject area and difficulty level, so students can focus on the topics they need the most help with. 

Additionally, the questions are based on the current SEE syllabus, so students can be sure they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information. With this collection, students can sharpen their skills and gain the confidence needed to succeed in the exams.

Get Model Question

You need to click on the button given above and you'll be redirect to a page where you'll find subject-wise SEE Model Question of previous year. You'll also find solutions of Mathematics Model Question. If you want any subject notes of grade 10 then you can visit our site There you'll find complete notes of class 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. When will SEE Exam Start in Nepal 2080?
SEE Examination 2080 will start in Nepal from chaitra 15, 2080.

b. How to score A+ in SEE  Exam?
Ans: If you want to score A+ in SEE Exam then you must follow the given tips:
  • Start early preparation
  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Make concise notes while studying
  • Solve previous year question papers
  • Practice mock tests to improve speed and accuracy
  • Revise thoroughly
  • Manage time effectively
  • Follow good and healthy study habits
  • Stay focused and motivated
  • Avoid last minute cramming

c. Can You Get A+ in math?
Ans: Math is a subject in which you can easily A+ if you have positive attitude and a bit hard work. You can use 7 secrets tricks to score good marks in maths exam.

d. Where can I find the exam syllabus for SEE Examination 2080?
Ans: The SEE Examination 2080 syllabus can be found on the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology website.

e. Is there any exam preparation material available for the SEE Examination 2080? 
Yes, there are various preparation materials available for the SEE Examination 2080. These can be found on the one of the best educational site

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