Class 10 Nepali Guide Book 2079 [Updated]

Class 10 Nepali Guide

Class 10 Nepali Guide is very much necessary for grade 10 students. It provides us the complete solution of the book including grammar section. Many people were searching for Class 10 Nepali Guide online so I decided to provide you one. 

Class 10 Nepali Guide [Updated 2079]

You may be searching for Class 10 Nepali Notes On Internet continuously. You may find many website and articles which claim that they will provide you the complete note but none of them will provide you the complete note. But, here you will find the complete chapter wise notes of grade 10 Nepali subject. Scroll down to view the names of each chapters incase if you don't know the chapter name.

All chapter wise notes are listed below:

Chapter - 01

Chapter - 02

Chapter - 03

Chapter - 04

Chapter - 05

Chapter - 06

Chapter - 07

Chapter - 08

Chapter - 09

Chapter - 10

Chapter - 11

Chapter - 12

Chapter - 13

Chapter - 14

Chapter - 15

Chapter - 16

S.N   Chapter Name 
1    Janmabhumi 
2 Santusti 
3 Sanduk Ruit 
4 Thanka 
5 Ma Pani Sakchu 
6 Byaparik Chithi 
7 Pratyagaman 
8 Barsha 
9 Haamro Sanskriti 
10          lsthaniyakaran Bhanda Bishwabyapikaran Besh
11 Laxmi Puja
12 Klara Jetkin
13 Jaya Bhudi
14 Ma sadak Boldai Chu

16 Mahujung Babusaheb ko coat 

How to view class 10 Nepali Notes?

If there is no Internet connection in your home you can download the note and use it even if you are offline. You can easily download complete note but you can't download the chapter wise notes. If you like to download the complete Nepali note pdf then just follow the steps given:

Before you download the PDF, I want you to know that we don't own the PDF. We distribute it by collecting from the Internet just for educational purpose. You are not allowed to use it for commercial purpose.

Can we download the Nepali Notes ?

You can easily view the notes by clicking the required chapter given above. When you click the chapter No. you will be redirected to the respective page where you will find the notes you want.

  • Scroll down the page 
  • Click on Download PDF to download full guide
  • Wait 60 sec for the timer to finish 
  • Click on View Notes button to view full guide

View Notes

Download PDF

If you click on Download you will be directly redirected to Google Drive from where you can download the pdf safely. But if you click on Get Note, a new post will be open with the table of content and instructions to view the complete note pdf of class 10.

Is this note helpful for students?

This guide contains all question answers as well as grammer parts which is very helpful for students. It contains long question answers according to the need of syllabus. So this note is very much helpful for grade 10 students who are preparing for SEE Examination.

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