Class 11 Physics Notes PDF Download

Class 11 Physics Notes PDF Download

Class 11 Physics Notes is very important resources for grade 11 science students. Physics Notes PDF helps students to have a proper chapter wise notes and that note will benefit them while preparing for exam. Not only that, it will help you to get clear overview of all the chapters included in the latest syllabus. 

In this article, I'll be providing you the complete notes of class 11 physics. By complete notes, I mean the notes of all 26 chapter included in lates syllabus of class 11 Physics. All the notes will be in handwritten form which can make you easier to grasp the writing format.

Class 11 Physics Chapter Wise Notes PDF Download 

As I already mentioned, class 11 physics notes pdf are very much helpful for students who wants to secure good marks in physics examinations. Before you download the physics notes PDF, it is important for you to know that all the notes are available for free. You can easily download each chapter notes from the link given below. 

When you click on the chapter name a new page will be open where you'll find some pictures of the notes. Scroll download and click on get Full Notes. When you click on the get Full notes button you'll be redirected to the respective downloading page where you can get the notes.

Hey there! Just a quick heads-up: the notes we've shared are for personal use only. We kindly ask you not to use them for any commercial purposes. Let's keep things friendly and respect each other's work. Thanks for understanding! 😊🙏


1. Physical Quantities 

2. Vectors 

3. Kinematics 

4. Dynamics 

5. Work, Energy and Power 

6. Circular Motion

7. Gravitation

8. Elasticity 

 Heat and Thermodynamics

9. Heat and Temperature 

10. Thermal Expansion 

11. Quantity of Heat 

12. Rate of Heat Flow

13. Ideal Gas


14. Reflection of Curved Mirror

15. Reflection at Plane Surface 

16. Reflection through Prisms 

17. Lenses

18. Dispersion 

 Electrostatic and Electricity

19. Electric Charges 

20. Electric Fields 

21. Potential, Potential Difference and Potential Energy 

22. Capacitors 

23. DC Circuits

 Modern Physics

24. Nuclear Physics

25. Solids

26. Recent Trends in Physics 

What are the important topics covered in class 11 Physics notes?

Class 11 Physics Notes PDF covers all 26 chapter included in the latest syllabus. Some of them are physical quantities, electric charges, nuclear physics, vectors, gravitation, elasticity, ideal gas and many other chapters which are already listed above.

These topics are fundamental to understanding the principles of physics and form the basis for more advanced topics in later classes. It is important to have a clear understanding of these concepts in order to excel in physics.


When downloading the notes of class 11 physics, many students seems to have a lots of doubts in their mind regarding the content of class 11 physics notes. So let's solve all our doubts and queries. 

What are the best websites to download class 11 Physics notes in PDF format?

There are many popular website which provides complete chapterwise notes of grade 11 physics. Among them, TopperLearning, Vedantu and LearnCBSE are some of them.

Is it necessary to refer to multiple sources for class 11 Physics notes?

It is not necessary to refer to multiple sources for class 11 Physics notes. However, it can be helpful to consult multiple sources to get a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. It is important to ensure that the sources are reliable and accurate.

Can I find handwritten class 11 Physics notes in PDF format?

Yes, you can easily find handwritten notes of class 11 physics in PDF format. There are several websites and online platforms that offer handwritten notes in PDF format. You can try searching for them on websites like Study Rankers, Webnotee, and exam.webnotee.

Where can I find free class 11 Physics notes?

You can easily find the free notes of class 11 physics in our site. All the links provided above will lead you to the free notes. All the notes are provided for educational purpose only. It means it is free but it should be limited to personal use only.

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