NEB Class 10 Computer Science Guide | All Chapter Notes, Exercises

Class 10 Computer Science Guide

Hey guys, Are you grade 10 students? If so then you might have faced some problems while doing assignments. Every student are not perfect in all subjects. We all need help sometime. To help those students who is having trouble while doing computer science assignments, I have brought class 10 computer guide. This is not the official guide published by any organisation, it is just an unofficial guide published by Webnotee Team.

Grade 10 Computer Science Guide [2080 Updated]

Most of the grade 10 students are searching for Computer Science Guide for making their notes and to prepare for their exams. If you are also one among them then you are at right place. 

In this article  you'll find the complete guide of all chapters of grade 10 computer science book. All the notes are listed sequentially based on the chapters. The names of chapters are also listed below which might help you to find the chapter name.

UnitsTitle Links 
1Networking and TelecommunicationGet Notes
2Internet and its servicesGet Notes
3Ethical and Social Issues in ICTGet Notes
4Computer SecurityGet Notes
5Electronic Commerce Get Notes
6Contemporary TechnologyGet Notes
7Number System Get Notes
8Microsoft AccessGet Notes
9Review of Control StatementGet Notes
10Review of Library Function of QbasicGet Notes
11Modular Programming Get Notes
12File Processing (File Handling)Get Notes
13Structure Programming - C LanguageGet Notes
14Model QuestionGet Now

How To View Chapter Wise Notes?

Inorder to view the notes of class 10 computer, you just have to click on 'Get Notes' and you'll be redirected to a new page where you'll get all the notes of that chapter. You'll get questions answers, give reasons as well as match the following and full forms.

Some chapters notes are not available and we would like to apologise for that. We will try our best to provide the notes of missing chapters very soon. If you have the notes of missing chapters then you can submit that notes to us.

We will publish your notes and also provide the credit. Inorder to submit your notes, you have to contact our team through contact form or you can comment down and our team will contact you. 

Are all the Answers Correct?

All the notes uploaded in this site is managed and uploaded by an average student. Most of the answers are written from note copy which I have made in grade 10. So I cannot provide you guarantee that all the answers are 100% correct. There may be some spelling and grammatical errors. But most of the answers are correct. 

All the answers were once corrected by the subject teacher which has reduced the chances of mistakes. 

If you find any mistakes in class 10 computer notes then please let us know through comments. It would be a great help for us. We'll try to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. 

Are Grade 10 Computer Science Guide Helpful?

Of course, grade 10 computer guide is very much helpful for students. It is important especially for those who wants to score good marks in their SEE Examination. Grade 10 computer science guide helps you to save your time for searching answers.

Class 10 computer science guide can also be used for studying during your examination. All the question answers are very important and you should study each and every of them to score good marks in your exam.

There are more reasons why class 10 computer guide is helpful to students. Class 10 computer guide has various features which makes it one of the best source for class 10 students to make their notes. Some of the features of our notes are given below. 

  • Short and easy answer 
  • Covers the whole syllabus 
  • Contains each and every exercise 
  • All answers are verified by the subject teacher
  • Contains exercises according to the latest syllabus 

Class 10 Computer Science Model Questions

While preparing for SEE Examination the questions of your textbook is not enough if you want to score good marks in your exams. So for that we have collected some questions paper from past year SEE Examination. 

Those who are willing to practise more questions for their upcoming examination can simply search Computer Model Question to get past year questions paper. You can practice all the questions given in that question paper inorder increase your grades.

Practicing past year question papers will provide you many benefits. It allows you to become familiar with the question patterns and formats that are commonly seen in the SEE Examination. By practicing variety of questions from previous exams, you can gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and improve your problem-solving skills. 

Furthermore, solving these question papers will help you identify any gaps in your knowledge and focus on areas that require more attention. Utilizing the past year question papers as a valuable resource can provide you with a competitive edge and boost your confidence when facing the real exam. 

So, don't hesitate to search for 'Computer Model Question' and start practicing today to increase your chances of scoring excellent results in your upcoming SEE Examination.

Why you should choose our Notes?

There are many class 10 computer guides available on the internet, so why should you choose our notes instead of others? It's one of the burning questions among class 10 students who have recently visited our site 

There must be some extra quality in our notes so that people can choose our notes instead of others. We believe that we are providing something extra and valuable to our readers through our guides and notes so that they choose us everytime they need the notes of some new chapters. 

All the notes upload in our sites are verified by our team inorder to maintain the quality of the notes. Our team has consulted many students personally through our telegram  channel to know what they actually wants and we have always try to provide the notes and study materials according to their notes.

We thoroughly go through each and every reviews provided by students and try to correct our mistakes. We have always provided high quality notes, are providing and will be providing in future too. So you should choose our notes, guides and study materials instead of others. 

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