Class 10 Compulsory Math Guide 2080 | All Chapter Solution and Notes

Class 10 Compulsory Math Guide

Hey guys, Are you grade 10 students? If yes then I'm glad to hear that because I have brought something very special for you. Today I have brought the complete solution of grade 10 compulsory mathematics which will help you while solving different problems of different chapters of Compulsory Mathematics. 

Students can also use class 10 compulsory mathematics guide for various other purposes such as preparing for their examination, making proper notes, testing their knowledge and for upgrading their skills.

Grade 10 Compulsory Math Guide [2080 Updated]

If you are grade 10 students then you might be searching for grade 10 Compulsory Mathematics Guide 2080. In this case you are at right place. Here you'll find the complete guide of all chapters of grade 10 compulsory maths book. All the notes are listed sequentially based on the chapters. The names of chapters are also listed below which might help you to find the chapter name.

We don't have the solutions of some of the chapters and we'll like to apologise for that. We will try to add the notes as fast as we can. If you have the notes of those chapter then you can help us by submitting the notes. You can contact us through our telegram channel and we'll guide you.

All chapter wise notes are listed below:

Chapter - 01

Chapter - 02

Chapter - 03

Chapter - 04

Chapter - 05

Chapter - 06

Chapter - 07

Chapter - 08

Chapter - 09

Chapter - 10

Chapter - 11

Chapter - 12

Chapter - 13

Chapter - 14

Chapter - 15

Chapter - 16

Chapter - 17

Chapter - 18


 1 Set 
 2 Tax and Money Exchange 
 3 Compound Interest 
 4 Population Growth and Depreciation 
 5 Menstruation : Plane Surface
 6 Menstruation : Cylinder and Sphere
 7 Menstruation : Prism and Pyramid 
 8 HCF and LCM
 9 Simplification of Rational Expression 
 10 Indices
 11 Surds
 12 Equation 
 13 Geometry : Area of Triangle and Quadrilateral 
 14 Geometry : Construction 
 15 Geometry : Circle 
 16 Trigonometry 
 17 Statistics 
 18 Probability 

How to view chapter wise solution?

When you scroll up, you will find many buttons named as chapter-1, chapter-2, chapter-3 and so on. If you want to view solution PDF of chapter 1 then you need to click on button named as chapter 1. If you don't know the chapter name then you can read the chapter name from table of content given above. 

When you click on buttons, you'll be redirected to next page where you can find your desired chapter solution. We have provided the notes of each chapter separately. That's the reason why you get redirected to next page whenever you click on the chapters. The solutions may be either in text format or in picture format. 

If you want to use the notes of class 10 mathematics offline then you have to download the notes and save them in your gallery. You can easily download the notes by clicking on the 3 dots and then clicking on download arrow from the pop-up window. 

Are all the Solutions Correct?

All the solutions uploaded in this site is managed and uploaded by an average student. Most of the solutions are taken from my note copy which I have made in grade 10. I cannot provide you guarantee that all the solutions are 100% correct. There may be some minor mistakes in solving ways. But most of the answers and the problem solving patterns are correct. 

If you find any mistakes in my solutions PDF then please let me know through comments. We'll continuously check your comments and try to correct the answers whenever we find any mistakes. 

We always try our best to provide you correct answer so that you'll trust us. We don't want any students to get wrong answers or information related to any subject through our site. So you can also help us by spotting the mistake and reporting us if you find any.

Are Grade 10 Compulsory Maths Guide Helpful?

Of course, grade 10 compulsory guides are very much helpful for students. It is important especially for those students who wants to score good marks in their SEE Examination. Grade 10 compulsory math guide helps you to save your time for searching answers.

Grade 10 comoulsory mathematics guide 2080 can you to be independent. You don't need to ask your teacher to solve any questions from your exercise. You can complete the notes in your own by looking at our guide. All the notes provided in class 10 compulsory mathematics can also be used as a reference for SEE Preparation. So I'm sure that this guide will help you a lot.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment down. 

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