Coordinate in Space Class 11 Mathematics Solutions | Exercise - 11.1

Coordinate in Space Class 11 Mathematics Solutions |

  Chapter - 11  
Coordinate in Space

We all have to study Coordinate in Space in class 11 mathematics. If you haven't taken mathematics then you don't need to study. Was that a bad joke? Well, let's keep our stupid talk aside.

A lot of students were demanding the notes of class 11 coordinate in space chapter. They were continuously texting us in our social media handles. So, I'm here to fulfill your demand. Today I'll be giving you the complete note of class 11 coordinate in space chapter. For further information keep on reading this article. 



Presence of material objects in relation to one another or their movement makes us feel about what is ordinarily known as space. In other words, the notion of space is closely associated with material objects in relative rest and/or motion. We often regard a point as an idealized model of a small material object (or particle). 

Small material objects or particles, when taken together, form bigger objects. Just the same way, we agree that points, when taken together, give rise to various forms or shapes. A space may therefore be visualized as the set of all points that give rise to various forms or shapes. 

A systematic study of such set of points or shapes can be done by associating each of such points with an ordered set of real numbers. Such numbers are said to be coordinates of a given point in the space under consideration.

Points in Space

We began our study of coordinate geometry by establishing a one-to-one correspondence between the points on a line and the real numbers. This was followed by associating each point in a plane with an ordered pair of real numbers. Now we intend to explain how each point in the ordinary space (or three-dimensional space) can be associated with an ordered triple of real numbers.

Coordinate in Space

To start with, we consider three mutually perpendicular lines intersecting at a fixed point. We call this point the origin and the three lines the coordinate axes. They are usually labeled as the x- axis, the y-axis and the z-axis.

 Exercise - 11.1

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