Optical Illusion For Testing Your IQ: Can you spot the odd one from this group within 10 seconds?

As we all know, optical illusion is a type of illusion caused by the visual system that is involved in visual perception. It is a kind of illusion that is characterized by a visual perception that differs from reality in many ways. 

In a nutshell, Optical Illusion is a type of illusion in which we do not have the ability to clearly perceive the scene or the image we are viewing with our eyes. We easily misinterpret or be deceived by the scene or image.

The internet is filled with interesting quizzes, puzzles and optical illusions to enjoy some free time productively. Optical illusion tests are known to stimulate the brain and are a great way to relax. 

Today we have brought you one of the most complex optical illusions for testing your brain. Find out the odd one out from the group within 10 seconds. Would you be able to find it? Take a look at the image below and find out which is odd among them.

Optical Illusion For Testing Your IQ: Can You Spot the Odd One in 10 Seconds?

Find the odd image
Image Source: Bright Side 

In the above image, you need to identify the odd one among the group of people in picture. This puzzle also asks the viewers that “How many seconds did you take?” In the image, you can see that there are many people doing wearing same dress but one person is wearing different dress than others and you need to spot that person within 10 seconds?

Inorder to answer correctly must observe the image very carefully before answering this puzzle as the answer is quite simple but tricky. As a heads up, the answers of this brain teaser have been provided right below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

Solution To Spot The Odd One in this Image

As a result of seeing the image illusion provided here, most people are confused by this puzzle. However, there are some people who were able to quickly identify the answer. On the other hand, there were others who couldn't get their guesses and answers correct.

This Viral Optical Illusion is hard to spot so we have attached the image where we added the common solution, look closely at the picture. If you look closely, you will see that the Odd One is visible in the highlighted area of the picture. If you are unable to find it, we will provide you with an image to assist you.

Spot the odd image
Image Source: Bright Side 

As you can see the odd person was just among other person. The odd person was just in second row which seems to be hidden before.

You can test your eyes with such pictures, as well as your brain by working on them. The way we see a picture tells us a lot about our brain and our core personality traits, and that is what makes it so intriguing.

Meanwhile, Optical Illusion test is a kind of exercise for your brain which helps to increase your IQ level. It also helps to show how much your intellectual capacity is.

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