How to Score Good Marks in Exam: 5 Secret Tips

There are many students who wish to achieve good marks in the exam, but they are unaware of the secrets of studying for the exam. As a result, they end up getting less marks in the exam. You may be asking yourself what the secrets of studying are?

Having said that, I am going to tell you that according to toppers, there are methods that can be incorporated into the lives of students so that they can achieve high grades in the class if they are persistent in following those steps. If you would like to know what those steps are, stay with me until the end to find out more.

How To Score Good Marks in Exam 

How To Score Good Marks in Exam

The tips and tricks in this article are very useful, and based on research done on more than 200 students, we have concluded that if an average student follows these tips, s/he will definitely score well above 90% in any exam. It is very important that students who are preparing for any kinds exams should keep these tips in mind as they prepare for their exams.

Before writing my viewpoint in this article, there are several questions we have to deal with, one of which is one of the most important of them all is;

Can an ordinary student score greater than 90% in exam?

Can I? Yes of course you can do that because "nothing is impossible,". Everything is possible if you work hard there are many good example of people who have done impossible works in their life. But in order to make that impossible, certain guidelines must be followed.

The very word "impossible" indicates "I Am Possible." So, keep pushing forward with your goals and follow the instructions below to do well in your each and every exams.

1. Use 3-R Technique 

The 3-R method of studying is one of the best ways to get good marks on an exam. Do you know why the majority of students forget material they studied during the exam?

Numerous researchers confirmed that this is due to the fact that students simply cram for exams, which is a poor study strategy. So, apply the 3-R technique if you truly want to do well on the exam. In order to use this strategy, you must first read the information. Simply don't read; instead, underline the key sentences in the response.

After that start reciting the information because reciting helps to put the information into your long term memory due to that you are able to retain the information for a longer period of time. Once done, write the information in your own words. 

And the last step to do this technique is to review which means reviewing all things that you have read and recited. Doing this will help you to understand the information and it will fix it in the long term memory. 

2. Study before bed

I think we all know that sleep is very much important to our brain and body, but what if we have the opportunity to use the sleep in order to achieve good marks in our exams?

According to research conducted in the USA, studying before bed can be really beneficial for students. When a student sleeps, the information from the short term memory gets transformed to the long term memory due to that brain is able to grasp the information quickly and that information gets stored for a longer period of time. 

This happens because when you are awake, you learn new things. But when you are asleep, you refine the information that you have studied, which helps to recall it when you need it the most. So to score good marks in the exam study before going to bed. 

3. Spaced Repetition 

Many students don't get good marks in their exam because they don't understand the topic or the main concept properly. So if you really want to change your grades, then try spaced repetition. 

In this technique, you have to understand and then revise the information after one hour, four hours and after one day. Once you grasp the information, you have to retain it for a longer period of time. For that you can revise the information after four days, one week and then after four weeks. 

This method is very effective because when you have a look at the material every day and it helps you stored the information in long term memory. So try this method and score high marks in the exam. 

4. Mix it up

According to researchers studying a concept or a topic over and over will decrease your attention and you will start feeling lazy. So inorder to maintain the productivity level, trick your brain by mixing up the subjects after every hour or after every two hours.

It means suppose you're studying geography from last hour now try to mix it up with math or science or any subject you want inorder to maintain your attentiveness and doing this will help you to maintain your concentration level. It will also help you in retaining the information till the exam.

Mixing up subjects and also help you to have equal knowledge on every subject because you give equal time for all subjects. Some people may think that mixing subject will only increase pressure on your brain. It is true somehow but increasing pressure helps you to concentrate in your studies.

5. Practice and practice 

Now the last and the final tip is to practice again and again. As musicians practice their instruments, athletes practice their sports skills, and vice versa, if a student wishes to achieve a good grade on the exam, he or she should work hard at studying in order to achieve good grades.

According to a research Students who study and practice on a regular basis, as opposed to students who study twice or three times per week, are more likely to score well on the exam.

So if you want to be successful in your academy, then just practice, practice and practice. In case if you have completed all the syllabus then start revising the information or start solving the question papers of previous years. 

Doing this will give you a sense of motivation and will give you a reality check of your situation. So these were the five tips that can help you to achieve good marks in the exam. You just have to imply the steps in your life and pass the exam with flying grades. 

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