Coordinate in Space Class 11 Mathematics Solutions | Exercise - 11.2

Coordinate in Space Class 11 Mathematics Solutions |

  Chapter - 11  
Coordinate in Space

In class 11 mathematics, one of the things we learn is coordinate geometry in space. It's all about using numbers to describe points, lines, and shapes in three-dimensional space. It might sound complicated at first, but it's actually a useful tool for solving problems and understanding how things are positioned in space. 

With coordinate geometry, we can easily represent and analyze objects in three dimensions, which helps us make sense of the world around us. So, even though it may seem challenging, studying coordinate geometry in space can be quite beneficial and interesting.

Many of you have been reaching out to us through our social media handles, and asking us for the solution of this chapter. We understand your need for comprehensive study materials. So, today I am here to fulfill your demand for the complete notes of the class 11 coordinate in space chapter.


Before we move towards the solution of this chapter. Let's have a short discussion on the topics we have to study in coordinate in space second exercise. We already have discussed what we have to study in first exercise in our previous article. If you haven't check that out then you should have a look at that before you start second exercise. 


Projections are the transformation of points and lines on one plane onto another plane by connecting corresponding points on the two planes with parallel lines that go across those planes

a) Projection of a point on a line or a plane

The projection of a point P on a line AB or a plane CDEF is the foot L of the perpendicular from the point P on the line AB or plane CDEF. In the first case, it is also interpreted as the A- point L of intersection of the plane through the given point P and perpendicular to the given line.

Projection of a point on a line or a plane

b) Projection of a line segment on a line

The projection of the line segment AB of a given line on another line CD is the segment A'B' of CD where A' and B' are the projections of A and B on CD. Here we may also say that A' and B' are the points in which planes through A and B perpendicular to CD meet the line CD

Projection of a line segment on a line

 Exercise - 11.2

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