Class 11 Corona Says (Poem) Summary

Corona Says Summary

   UNIT - 2.1  

 ðŸ”† About The Author 

Corona Says - Vishnu S Rai

Vishnu S Rai (1951-) was educated in India, Nepal, and the UK. He taught English at Tribhuvan University for three decades and retired as Professor of English Language Education. Rai writes both in English and Nepali. He has written stories Martyrs & Other Stories (English). play Realities (English), travelogues Nau Dandapari (Nepali), and a novel Paheli (Nepali). 

But above all he is a poet and he has published Sudama (a semi epic in Nepali), Jeevan (a ils collection of poems in Nepali), Vagabond Verses (a collection of poems in English). and Tritiyaki joon (a collection of songs and gazals in Nepali, and his English poems are taught in Nepal and abroad. Rai is known as a poet of human emotions. The poem. Corona Says, written on the theme of the present world crisis Corona and its devastating impact on human life, is a subtle satire on man's conduct and attitude. It views Covid 19 as the byproduct of man's treatment to nature.

 ðŸ”† Corona Says Summary 

Vishnu S Rai was educated in India, Nepal and the UK. His works includes Martyrs and other Realities etc. He is known as poet of human emotions.

The Poem, Corona Says, is written on the theme of the present world crisis because of Corona Virus and its bad impacts on human life. The speaker in the Poem is Corona itself. And this story is a subtle satire on human's treatment towards nature. This Poem views COVID-19 as the by product of man's treatment to nature. The speaker in the poem warns human beings about their bad activities that will bring the dreadful result in the world. 

The speaker says that it has come to the earth So that the mother earth could have little rest for some time. Human beings should realize that the earth is a common home for all creatures. But human beings have underestimated the existence of other creatures and think that they are superior to all other creatures in the world. The speaker simply wants us to realize how cazed animals feels and how clean the sky and nature looks in the absence of smoke and dust.

The speaker makes us hopeful at the end but at the same time suggest us to correct our bad activities. It says that its existence will come to an end soon. But it doesn't mean that there won't be any other such problems in the future. The speaker means to say that if we do not correct our actions, our lives will be not much different than those of our forefathers who spend their lives in caves.

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