10 Best Online Jobs For Students in 2023

Are you looking for the best online jobs for students? If your answer is yes, then this article is just what you need. I have tested 100s of online methods to earn money including ChatGpt. And today I have put together a list of 10 best and easy options to earn money specifically for student. 

Actually, you can use some of the jobs listed here even if you're not a student. But they are particularly good choices for students and they are completely free. You can start earning more or less immediately with most of these methods here.

Before going over I want you to be clear that the 10 options I'm going to show you will be completely free to get started with and most of them do not need any specific skills or any specific backgrounds. However, some of them might require a little bit more effort and a little bit more skills. 

10 Best Online Jobs For Students to Earn Money

Online Jobs For Students

You are free to choose and use any jobs among the 10 options depending on your preferences and depending on how much time you're willing to put into this. You just need to be aware that these methods are not something that will make you rich overnight or anything like that. It requires time and some effort.

Some of them can potentially grow into a really good extra income, but the majority of them are just for making some extra cash on a daily basis. What do you think, do you also want to earn some extra cash? If so then let's dig into our list of 10 best online jobs for students. 

1. ModSquad

The first option you have here is called Mod Squad. This site basically provides managed, on-demand customer service, content moderation, social media, and community management services and teams across online, e-commerce, in-game, in-app, and social media channels.

Here you can become a moderator and participate in moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and social media tasks. So it's very interesting for you if you're interested in this kind of tasks. Beofre you start this job, you just need to be aware that you need to upload a resume and it may require a little bit of effort.

2. Paid Surveys 

Let's keep moving forward and talk about the second option which is paid surveys. It is really a easy way to start making some extra money online. You can take many of these surveys from your phone so you can do it from anywhere. 

There are many websites that will pay you for taking different kinds of surveys. Some of the popular website are swagbucks, i-Say (IPSOS), OnePoll etc.  You can check out more details about these website by searching it on Google and then select the best site and start earning money today. 

3. User Tester 

The next option that can is really interesting and actually gives some extra money is to become a user tester. In this jib you just have to give feedback about a certain website and sometimes apps also. You need to record your voice while you speak out your thoughts and explain about your experiences.

You will be asked certain questions so if you don't feel comfortable about recording your voice then this option is not for you. But if you can do that then you have the potential to earn somewhere between $10 and $50 daily. Usually, for a test it takes somewhere between 10 to 30 minute but sometimes it can even take longer time.

4. ListVerse

Moving forward we have a website called listverse where you can get paid to write. Here writing doesn't mean you can write anything you want. You have to write articles for different websites. You can even get $100 for one article, if you are a professional one. 
You can get paid via PayPal. ListVerse is just an example of site which pays you for writing. There are 100+ websites where you can get paid to write an article. 

If you actually want to get paid to write then you can search the names of other platforms where you can get paid to write. You can choose which one of these options is best for you depending on what type of articles you want to write.  The only one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should be good at grammar. 

5. Play Games & Earn

The next option can be really great if you like playing games. You can earn money by playing different games for example, you can join a platform called AppKarma. It's an app from which you can earn money by playing small games through the app. It will not give you a huge earnings but if you like playing games on your phone, then why not use it to earn some cash. 

There's also a platform like play test cloud where you can actually earn on average around $9 for a 15 minutes test. If you want more information about the games from which you can earn money online then don't forget to check out my latest article where I've mentioned about the top 10 online games to earn money online.

6. Freelance Tasks

The next option to earn money online is by finding different freelance tasks because we are talking about making extra money online as students and freelance tasks are best for students. You can join a platform like Upwork and Latium because it's a little easier to get started with. It doesn't matter what freelance platform you end up joining, you can always find a lot of different projects. 

If you have any skills in websites development or translation then you can find jobs here. What your skills are more or less you can always find freelance tasks, but the thing you need to be aware of when it comes to freelance platforms is that you usually do not just join and then find work there immediately. Often it takes quite a bit of effort to build up your profile and then start slowly getting a few clients. 

7. Voice Over Jobs

You next option is to find voice over jobs because it has high potential of earning good money. If you are a good voice actor or actress then this types of jobs will perfectly suits you. You do not have to be professional voice actor to get voice over jobs. You can visit the sites like voices.com which lets you to join for free.

You can explore its opportunities and then get into it. This site will really pay you good money if you are good at what you're doing. You can learn more about this site by searching it on Internet. You can watch videos on YouTube and get people's opinions about this website.

8. Passive Income Apps

Another great options to earn some extra money as a student is by using passive income apps. And I don't mean passive income in the way where you can just click a button and then become rich overnight, but there are actually real legit passive income apps where all you have to do is just to instal it and set it up and then you will earn a little bit of extra cash all the time just by having them running in the background. 

One best example of these kinds of apps is honey gain, where all you need to do is to install it either on your computer or on your phone and then just let it run in the background and you will earn by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. You will also get a $5 joining bonus just for signing up.

9. Mystery Shopping Jobs 

Your next option is to find mystery shopping jobs. Many of these will actually require you to go to certain locations. But you can find them on your phone so if you're out and live in a bigger city, then you can just check your phone and then check if there are any tasks in your area. You'll get paid just to go and take a few pictures or answer a survey about certain exhibitions.

You can learn more about this stuffs on YouTube. Just go and search about the best mystery shopping jobs. If you want to know about the top ways to do this and exactly how it works step by step then comment down.  It can be a fun and interesting way to earn a bit extra as an student.

10. Get Paid For Shopping 

So the last option I want to talk about is to get paid every time you shop. There are a thing called cashback websites or cashback apps, where you can shop through those apps or websites and then get paid every time you shop and earn cash back into your account.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies then crypto.com is one of the best example where you can earn up to 8% on everything you buy. Swagbucks is another app that has a lot of different cashback offers if you shop online. These are just two examples. As I mentioned, there are quite a few really good cashback websites that you can try out.


As you can see there are some really good opportunities out there for students who wish to earn some extra income through the internet. With the right skills, students can easily find a job that fits their interests and abilities. Moreover, these jobs can provide a flexible schedule and allow students to work from the comfort of their own home.

You can just use one of them if there's one you're particularly interested in, or you can use all of them. I would definitely encourage you to combine several of them because some of them really does not require a lot of effort.

If you have any questions or any doubts with any of these online student jobs, or any other ways to earn online as a student, then please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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